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We’ve recently updated some of our pages, such as the homepage, features, signup page and some more adjustments, to make them more appealing to our visitors. So let us know if you like the changes…


Our uptime monitoring service got lots and lots of new features, covering almost all of our customers needs. These featured needed to be displayed in some organized fashion, with a short description and link to details. We’ve split the features into Detect features and Report features.




So far, the signup page was so simple, it got rather dull. That’s why we added a twist, converting the two-step signup into just one, and presenting all the goodies that a registered account brings. Also it seemed important to specify that the management account is SSL encrypted and secured, so no sensitive data would leak from our systems.




What do you get for your subscription? Also was a bit dull so we added there a list of all the features that are available for each package. And the list gets bigger and bigger every week.




Monitive’s homepage has been seasoned with a nice, large carousel that presents the main features and benefits from our monitoring service, automatically rotating if your mouse is not over it. It seemed important to us to shout loud and clear that we do monitor uptime, malware, we send reports, we check from all around the world and we signal problems instantly.

Our customers made Monitive as it is today, so thank you all of you, and don’t hesitate to send us feedback whenever you feel like it.

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