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What our clients are saying...

  • A great help for someone that really needs to keep up to date on clients and make sure nothing is going wrong with their site at the same time.

    Brian Whiting, BWhitingDesigns.com

  • Having a top-tier monitoring service helps us make sure that their message is always there when a potential supporter visits.

    Cameron, BluePrint Interactive

  • Checking from somewhere close to Australia is good, up to once a minute is great, html content check Is excellent and malware checking... that’s bloody awesome.

    Simon Edwards, ResourcingParents.com

  • This service is getting better and better, now by adding the great custom timeout function.

    Alwin Koops, Alwin Koops Photography

  • Keyword checking, tests from multiple locations, server uptime and malware detection are some pretty wild features that are worth paying the price for this service.

    Monk, WebDevolution.net

  • Besides the detection and monitoring that is always a good thing, I love the idea of being able to provide public reports to customers.

    Alexander DiMauro

High-resolution checking up to every minute

Focus on important things, as we check your services every minute and we'll let you know as soon as we confirm that your websites are down. Because we check up to 1440 times a day, each service!

Multiple check locations around the world

We check uptime from: Netherlands, Deustchland, United Kingdom, USA, Russia, Turkey, Romania, Spain and more. This way you will be sure that your audience is world-wide and your site accessible internationally.

Malware, domain expiration and SSL monitoring

A happy site is a healthy site! This is why we automatically check for malware reports, domain expiration or if you are monitoring HTTPS (SSL) websites, we'll check the expiration date every day and let you know as soon as the certificate expiration date is near.

Truly reliable monitoring and alerting

Our main concern is that monitoring is being done without interruption or problem on our side, and we always triple-check before notifying you. This way, your inbox won’t be filled with spammy alerts.

We monitor most types of internet services

It's not just websites that we thoroughly check. We're also really good at FTP monitoring, MySQL monitoring, DNS monitoring, PING, Email, and even your custom TCP Port monitoring. By signing up with us, you’re already planning ahead.

Monitoring news & blog posts

  • Turning disaster recovery into a subtle outage 16-Dec-2013
    A few weeks ago one of our main servers had a major hard-drive failure. Although it was in a RAID array, things didn’t went so smooth and the server start...
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  • Welcome on the team, Ciprian! 25-Sep-2013
    Ciprian Irimies is the emissary of creativity, and we’re proud to have him on our team. And he’s up to something: an awesome rebranding of our whol...
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  • Just Launched: Complete & Truly Useful Uptime Monitoring Reports 15-Sep-2013
    Monitive is all about knowledge. Because the whole purpose of monitoring is to improve the subject being monitored. In this case, service uptime. And because th...
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