PING monitoring

Start PING-ing your servers with no effort!

So what exactly is PING and why would I use it?

PING is a tool to test your server's IP for availability. This test will not only check if your server is working but will also measure the time it took for the it travel a round-trip.

Before using this type of service you should be aware that if your server does not respond to an echo request sent by ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) you might not be able to effectively use it. Some of the servers have this feature disabled by default because it was used, and it still is, as a simple form of denial-of-service.

You should set your firewall to allow our nodes to send ICMP echo requests to your servers if you want this service to work as it is supposed to do.

This is how our network will PING your service

Why Monitive to PING monitor your business?

Global network of nodes to PING your servers

Because only one location is not enough to be certain if your server is responding to PING echo request we will ping your servers from all these different locations:

  • EnglandUnited Kingdom
  • FranceFrance
  • New ZealandNew Zealand
  • RussiaRussia
  • RomaniaRomania
  • DeutschlandDeutschland

Easy to read graphs and timetables

Once your service is set our system will start collection information about the replies it receives from your server. These replies are then plotted on a nice graph, which is very easy to read. Also a timetable will be made available for you. This will help you easily see what happened, on hourly basis for every day of the last 30 days or a specific date range chosen by you.

More information about the Reports

We perform redundancy checks to avoid false positives

We developed this fails-safe-system from the beginning, because we ran into the problem of false positives right from the start. Because we use a geographically spread system, if one of our servers fail for some reason, another server will take the load and perform the required operations in order to deliver a precise and valid result. All our systems have a backup. That includes the nodes, the masters and the alert system.

More information on this subject on How it works page

Customizable alerts to you, and checks to your website

Maybe your website makes you a lot of money and you want it checked every 1 minute. Or, if it is just a simple blog that you want to know it’s working but you don’t need it checked so often you could use 30 minutes check intervals.

The same goes with the alerts. We can alert you as soon something happens to your website. But again, you could choose to be alerted if your site is down more then a few minutes. It’s up to you to decide how you want it. We can make it happen which every way you want it! If you want to know more about the ability to customize your alerts and checking interval.

Check out our Alerts section

Plans & Pricing

Our plans are basically differentiated by the number of simultaneous monitors that are active at one time, so that we can provide the right package for every type of site owner.

checked websites
checked websites
checked websites
checked websites
no monthly SMS
alerts included
monthly SMS alerts
monthly SMS alerts
SMS alerts
per month
per month
per month
per month

All plans include: weekly reports, detailed alerts, incidents archive, uptime information, latency online reports and charts, automated diagnosis, and reliable checking of HTTP, FTP, MySQL, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, PING, DNS and custom TCP Port monitoring.