Our cool and unique features

Monitive is a site uptime monitoring service, that periodically checks your sites from all around the world and instantly notifies you when they go down via SMS, email or Twitter DM. It also monitors performance by measuring server connect, transmit and response times, executes automatic diagnosis, sends weekly reports, displays charts and more.

Custom HTTP Code Check

If - for example - your page is the default CentOS Apache page, you’d want to check for 403 Forbidden HTTP code instead of the usual 200 OK.


Basic HTTP Auth Monitoring

Monitive also checks web applications behind HTTP Authentication, so it’s easy to check out restricted websites and apps.


Custom Timeout

Our default checking timeout is 30 seconds, but if you run a time-critical website, feel free to select 5 seconds as the timeout value and we’ll let you know as soon as the website fails to react in the selected time.


Google Analytics Transparent

Monitive uptime monitoring does not show up in Google Analytics reports, because we don’t run the JavaScript on your website.


An Awesome Dashboard

This is what you get when you sign into your account, showing all the important info in just one look. See uptime and latency info, together with history and recent incidents.

We're really good. Seriously!

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