Just Launched: Complete & Truly Useful Uptime Monitoring Reports

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Monitive is all about knowledge. Because the whole purpose of monitoring is to improve the subject being monitored. In this case, service uptime. And because the ultimate outcome of any monitoring is a report, we’ve rebuilt the whole reporting system from the ground up. We’ve made it flexible, we’ve made it complete and concise. Just the facts. If you noticed the new Reports menu, you might already be familiar with the new reports.

Here are the highlights:

1. Daily Summary

Uptime Monitoring Report - SummaryEvery monitored service has a nice overview with the most important aspects regarding the period being reported: the overall uptime, total downtime, number of outages, and the average latency.

Just below this, you have the daily breakdown of same information. Check out if you had one major downtime, or several shorter incidents.

2. Availability Timetable

Uptime Monitoring Reports - AvailabilityThe availability is our proud representation of outages in a given period. Basically it’s a simple table with hours for columns and days for rows.

What makes it great is the fact that you can quickly spot patterns. Site going down every night at around the same time? You’ll see a nice vertical yellow / red line. Sounds like some maintenance jobs taking over the server. Site down for a few hours? You’ll see a horizontal line. Whatever happened, you get the picture in just one look. Now even on paper.

3. Country Averages

Uptime Monitoring Reports - Country averages300.000 kilometers per second. That’s how fast electricity travels through copper wires. At almost the speed of light, you’d think the Internet is really fast. Here’s where all the routing devices in the world come in. Every byte traveling from the users browser to the website server and back is going through 5 to 30 routing devices, sometimes even more, each adding it’s own delay.

And if your market is world-wide, you might notice that customers in some countries are happy with your site and service, and others are not. Monitive will tell you how fast is your service from all the countries that we’re monitoring from. In the Country Averages section, right on your brand new report.

4. Outages And Alerts, Detailed

Uptime Monitoring Reports - Outages and AlertsIt’s that awkward moment when you need to know how much did your last maintenance job lasted. And did you get any alerts or not? With the new reporting section called Outages & Alerts, Monitive will include in your report the list of outages, each with  the corresponding date, duration, reason and confirming locations.

Of course, only if you want to have them included. We don’t overload your reports with unwanted information.



5. Fastest And Slowest Countries

Uptime Monitoring Reports - Fastest and Slowest CountriesAs the country averages table includes the overall averages for each country, the Fastest and Slowest Countries section includes the daily evolution for the fastest and slowest country. Here’s where you can easily spot large fluctuations that usually indicate either on-server performance issues, or country back-bone connectivity problems.

All this information is nicely wrapped up in a downloadable PDF file that you may either print or save for archiving purposes. It’s yours and you can even replace the Monitive logo with your own company logo.

The Cream: Unrivaled Flexibility

Yeah, we’re not the only service in the world providing monitoring information. But here’s what you won’t find anywhere else:

  • customize which monitors to include in your report;
  • customize what kind of information do you want included in your report (from the 5 types that we briefly described above);
  • customize who to send the report to;
  • customize when to send it: weekly, monthly or on demand for custom timeframes.

And here’s the cherry on top: you can create unlimited reports, all customized to your desires. Send the overall summary to the management, send detailed information to DevOps teams, send uptime reports to your customers or audit account. Whatever you need, now you can do!

So start now by adding your weekly or monthly report: login and click on the Reports menu:


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