Welcome on the team, Ciprian!

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Ciprian IrimiesCiprian Irimies is the emissary of creativity, and we’re proud to have him on our team.

And he’s up to something: an awesome rebranding of our whole visuals, a new identity that better reflects what we’re all about and what have we set out to do in this world. It’s all about that “Design has to support the core message” and not the other way around.

Ciprian is our expert when it comes to visual, aesthetics, usability, brilliant ideas and overall visuall goodness on site and around it. He’s that guy that always delivers more that you’ve been expecting, always exceeding your expectations. Armed with Photoshop, Illustrator and a great artistic sense of expression, he’s all about that feeling of “that’s perfect” when you look at what came out. I love the fact that he researches before any project, adapts and explains why did he did what he did.

Check out his profile on Behance or oDesk. Or just give him a call at +40725144053.


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