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The Emperor’s New Clothes

You know that story? No? Go online now and Search for Hans Christian Andersen, find the story and read it now! It’s a short tale about two weavers who promise an Emperor a new suit that is invisible to stupid people. When the Emperor appears in front of his minions, wearing the “new clothes”, no one dares to say anything… That is until a child cries out, “But he isn’t wearing anything at all!”

Get it? You wouldn’t want to be a stupid emperor, right?

Getting your head out of your ass

“Oh! I had it with this guy! I won’t take his insults anymore!” Well, good, go, don’t let me keep you. Chances are that you’ll leave, without learning anything, without having a clue about what I’m trying to highlight… that one thing ignored by you and so many others like you.

I’m talking about accessibility – that thing, part of a user’s experience, that’s imperative to be taken under consideration and designed, but instead it’s ignored in 99.99% of cases.

When it comes to accessibility, people get scared, live under the impression that it requires a lot of time and money, prefer to skip it and come up with excuses for avoiding it.

So what’s accessibility after all?

Did you read the articles about Usability – Part I and Part II? If not, you should give them a chance… The truth is that accessibility is an important part of usability. In order to have an usable website, in the real sense of the meaning, you must consider accessibility features.

We must design for everyone! Even for impaired people. Accessibility should offer usability solutions on Visual, Auditory, Mobility & Dexterity and Cognitive levels.

The down side

There isn’t one! We’ll live in a world full of benefits: you’ll increase your auditorium size and you’ll have a rockin’ website, fit for anybody to be used!

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