Brand Loyalty is Built Through Paying Attention

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Love me, love me, say that you love me! Well… make me love you!

You should start looking at the relationship between your company and you customers as a love relationship. Ps: long-term love. Best thing… it can last more than three years.

If at first you may not know who you are going to pick from the three people you may be dating, after you start connecting with one of them and develop feelings, then loyalty happens naturally.

The same happens with your customers. If your product is not something new and absolutely revolutionary on the market, then you customers probably dated a few other products. You want them to start loving you and 100 % commit? Start providing what they need!

Ask your customers what they want!

Finding out what they need is not as difficult as it may look like at the first sight. First, you have to ask. If you’ve been a good guy and made your homework, then you should have a database. If you don’t have one, create one. Once you have a database with your clients, figure out what is the best way of asking them. Send a quiz with relevant questions for your development. Not everybody is going to answer, but more answers are better than none.

There are two situations in which your customers are more likely to answer your quiz: first, if you offer something in return, for example a discount, an e-book, a whitepaper, or whatever you can give and your customers may be interested in; second, after they done a purchase, their interaction with your product is fresh and they may be more willing to share their thoughts with you.

Everybody wants more attention.

You only commit when you feel like you are a part of something. Understanding this makes things a lot easier when you want to engage your customers. Involve your audience in all your communication channels and respond to their requests, complaints or suggestions, but also keep them up-to-date with what’s happening in your company, if you opened a new department, if you have new employees, and so on. Another way in which you can get your audience involved is by providing exact information regarding their purchase status: purchase order placed, on its way, delivered.

Personalization. Make everybody count! Returning to that database (you really can’t build loyalty without having one), you must have their names, their birthdates, and other relevant details. Is it so hard to send a personalized e-mail? Is going to cost you a fortune to offer that client a 5% off for his birthday? Think about ways in which you can personalize your communication with your current customers. It costs a lot less than attracting new clients.

How does brand loyalty help your business?

Instead of permanently focusing on attracting new clients, why don’t you just take a break and think about your current customers and how they could return to you over and over again. Making your customers loyal comes with a range of benefits:

  • Repeated purchases, which will bring higher revenues;
  • Competitive advantage, which will materialize in less money spent for advertising;
  • Consumer referrals, word of mouth marketing for free!
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