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The issue solver.

Allow me to ask you something – why are you doing what you’re doing? You want to achieve something, right? Either you’re a good samaritan, trying to solve a problem (which I highly doubt it), or you want our money (which is more likely). Come on, be honest!

There’s no shame in admitting you want to earn. After all, you aren’t trying to steal money…

But no matter what your business offers to its clients (a product or a service) it still gotta be an issue solver. If you’re selling a toaster you’ll eliminate one of my problems – not being able to fastly toast my bread. If you’re offering counseling psychology you’ll help me to solve encountered personal difficulties. See? Either way the business it’s an issue solver.

A peek at the core

Why did you purchased a last generation smartphone? You weren’t able to communicate properly with the people in your life due to your former junky phone. You bought a groovy performant phone and now communication is bliss – problem solved.

Why are you having lunch to the same restaurant? You tried many – one is not very sanitary, other has bad service, another has really awful food… You found a place where you’re feeling cozy, the menu is bounteous, the food tastes amazing, everything is clean and the staff is very friendly – problem solved.

I could go on and on with this kind of examples, but my point is that at the core of both businesses, exemplified above, is the customer – you! They both solved an issue for you. Now you may think that the owners didn’t thinked about providing solutions… Would you really assume that? Every business stands as an alternative to something else, every business should focus on its customers, because they are the ones of whose needs should be satisfied, not your owns.

Ignore me and you’ll also be ignored

With an online business it’s the same. Ignore your users and they’ll ignore you in return. This is not a treat, it’s just a simple fact. Would you use a website that’s either useless to you or hard to be used? I think not. Just make a quick revision in your mind now – you surely have come acrossed a website that didn’t stirred any interest to you; did you went on that website again? No, instead you put an “ignore” tag on it.

Put me at the core of your business. Offer me a solution to my problem and you’ll win my heart. Help me to achieve that solution and you’ll have my eternal gratitude!

And to have everything clear as the screen on which you’re reading this article (I’m really hoping you have a great resolution display, otherwise my comparison is crap), here’s an example:

  • you’re the owner of an e-commerce website
  • the products you’re selling are fabulous
  • the looks of your website are amazing
  • I’m on a buying frenzy, adding product after product in my cart
  • scenario 1: on checkout I’m noticing that I cannot use my Visa card
  • scenario 2: on checkout I must go through tens of steps before actually placing my order
  • scenario 3: on checkout you’re telling me that shipping to my country is not possible… because we’re vampires (Romania 0:1 Amazon)

There are thousands of scenarios that can be created and all of them have one thing in common: user disappointment. You have ignored me and from now on you’ll also be ignored. You lost me as a client and that’s nothing else than a “lovely” loss of revenue.

Get your head in the game

Do your best in trying to understand your audience.

Test it on yourself first – you’re the first user. If it works for you it MIGHT work for me also. But if it won’t work for you then surely it won’t work for me neither.

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