Good Design Vs. Bad Design

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Design - Igniting Your Startup

Pimp your brand.

It’s just like Bob Marley said… “No woman, no cry”, but replace “woman” with “bad design”.

I want to ask you something personal… How many times are you brushing your teeth? Every time there’s a need to, you say? Well… I guess you’re doing that because you want to keep your “mouth-bones” healthy and also to look good – you wouldn’t want to look like a buffoon, having some spinach between your fangs, while talking to some client… right?!

With your business should be exactly the same! You gotta keep it sharp. When someone will look at your brand’s image should say “wow! it’s awesome!”. So what to do then?

Understand the environment

Having a website is nothing similar to having a trinket – you buy it and afterwards you forget about it, leaving it to gather dust somewhere in a dark corner of your house. Instead, an electronic version of your business needs constant care and attention – think about it like being a baby: as soon as you’ll ignore it, will start crying his heart out.

A website should be kept in trends, its functionality flawless and a rockin’ S.E.O.

Don’t go with less, choose more

Cheap designers can be found at every corner and on all the back alleys of the Internet.

Let’s say you want to buy a smartphone – a really good one – with an excellent performance level and also an amazing look. What’s the first one that came in your mind? Now ask yourself why you thought about that one… It meets your standards right? It would be really nice for your website to pop-up in your potential customers’ mind the same way in which that phone appeared in yours.

You can achieve that result only by hiring the best of the best. Don’t settle for O.K., go for greatness! And hey, if you’re on a budget go for a sustainable greatness.

Remember to allocate more money for improvements as soon as you can afford it.

Know how to make the difference between good and bad

It would be nice to be a “know it all”, unfortunately that’s hard to be achieved. Instead there’s a wonderful thing called love, oh… no, wait… that’s for another article… there’s a wonderful thing called feedback – that’s the one!

Be smart (look! I know you are, but I’m giving away advices here, it’s my moment of glory). At the beginning start with a closed group of trusted people – friends or family. Ask what’s their opinion about your website at every single major step. As you go down the road try to build or join a community from which you can collect relevant feedback.

Talk on a constant basis with your team. Ask them to explain their work to you – if you’ll understand then you’ll have a crystal-clear picture in your mind and that will benefits everybody!

Communication is key!

Think ten times, act once – over and over again

No matter if you’re just getting started or if you already have a website, you must be sure that your website is up to date in terms of design. Why? Because people all react in the same manner. Our brains follow certain patterns. That’s why you should ignore those “experts” telling you to avoid trends. Don’t neglect them! Trends are good – they’re giving you something real to hang on to, something tested, with known results. Just be sure to add your drop of originality!

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