Retargeting Your Potential Customers

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You can use cookies to attract customers! No, not chocolate cookies, even though they could work too, but online cookies that will help you retarget potential customers.

You probably worked really hard to get that audience, why not ease in your work through Javascript codes that will help you retarget.

Wonder about how it works?

I’m not a programmer, but let me tell you how I understood these things are done…

You place a code on your website and every time a visitor accesses your website, that code will drop an anonymous browser cookie. When that visitors is searching the Internet later… voila… an add keeps calling him back to your website.

I searched the Internet for “retargeting” and a few minutes later, my social media pages were full with ads inviting me to “Start retargeting today” or “Become a retargeting Pro”. So, this is the shortest explanation of how they work.

Why do they work?

There is a very high chance that a visitor will not convert at its first visit on your website, so it’s called retargeting because you have to change your strategy according to its interests.

Knowing exactly what that visitor was interested in makes things a lot easier for running further personalized ads on other websites that he visits.

Assuming that the visitor was interested in finding more information about your product or even buying your product, then constantly reminding him about your products and selling offers is excellent for increasing conversion.

Startups should use retargeting as often as they can

If you are brand new in business, you should expect an extended period of time to pass before people will start memorizing your name. Therefore, retargeting is a great opportunity for making your way into a small little corner of your potential customer’s memory.

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