The Avengers Of Online Businesses

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The Internet can now rely on guardian superheroes. The powers of this team generates a cocktail of careful monitoring, strategy and creativity that saves you time, money and your reputation. Discover who they are and what they can do for you!

A few years ago, the online opportunity has raised and businesses ran to catch the start line of a new era. For the first time in history, information became worldwide available upon a click. Websites, WebPages, online shops, social media, blogs and unlimited amount of information fought to shine in the online world. Although, sometimes they shined, in most cases they failed miserably.


Now this is the moment when modern heroes make the business world go round. There is one superhuman for any online trouble you may get into, but you need an exceptional team that can crush any crises, solve it with their special tools and make your business invincible. Who are they? Take a look at what these awesome individuals can do:


Lots of professionals talk about their attention to details; but let’s get it straight, there is one man that makes a real living out of this: the Back-end developer. If he makes a mistake, everything crashes and your business is dragged into an online black hole. But wait, this superhero can pull you out of there by changing a code. That’s tricky, right? Well, it takes years of training to master coding and only passionate developers gain the reputation of a hero.


Marketers are the online gold diggers. They don’t need to harm the environment to find real gold; all they need is a proper niche. Marketing is about permanently winning battles with the competition. Marketers already know this and don’t waste time, they see the opportunity and once they get started, strategies arise, smart advertising weapons are used, communication dots are tied to successful channels, money is spent wisely and there is no stopping them until the competition surrenders. It can take time, but empires are not built within days.


Designers live in the future! Their minds are a constant brainstorming, an invasion of ideas, of images and page layouts. They create modern art that looks amazing and makes you think “Wow, this is perfect! I want to see, touch, taste, smell and…buy this!” Because modern artists are clever and now they know how to make their art sell.

Content Writer

Content Writers are the permanent researchers that read and write day and night. No, they don’t sleep! Sleeping is for the beginners. It takes more than a few scattered phrases to create a masterpiece editorial, but don’t worry, they master words, metaphors and…grammar! Content writers are part of a secret society that knows the best sorts of coffees in the world. If you become friends with one of them, just maybe, you can taste one of these super powerful “no sleeping effect” coffees.

Project Manager

You need him! Yes, you do! He is the company’s super interrogator that is not going to arrest his colleagues because he is the “good cop”. Who knows best how to boost the creativity of all the above and plan all the working to be done just in time to catch the deadlines? The project manager puts all the information together and asks the relevant questions such as: who can make this, how is it going to be done, is it the best possible way to do it and so on. Nothing skips their vigilance and projects are polished so that they look exactly how the client wants them.


What if I told you…

…that these guys actually work together as a team and keep a clear purpose in mind: make the Internet a better place! From monitoring customer’s services, malware detection, services outages to saving customer’s money and increasing their knowhow, with this team, the battle with unforeseen online problems has no escape and is detected instantly. Customer’s reputation is kept intact and the Internet is safe!

Welcome to Monitive! The Avengers Of Online Businesses.

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