User experience – Part I

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Becoming a Public Enemy

I’m getting ready to receive everybody’s criticism… Wait for it! Waait…

You’re all wrong – designers, developers, marketers, business owners, and all the rest! You are so utterly wrong! When it comes to UX (user experience, just to be on the same page) you all got it upside down!

There… Let me have it!

Explaining why we’re a bunch of morons

Yes, I’ve said “we”… I’ve included myself in the statement because until recently I was like you and I didn’t had plenty of time to fully assimilate the Great Teachings of… Me!

On a more serious note: stop being an ignorant! Hey, don’t give me that look… Here, take my hand and let’s walk together across the corridors of this huge institution known as User Experience.

We’re perceiving UX inaccurately…

Not too much time went by from when we were living in the Age of Technology… Are you reading this crap? These are not my words, it’s what (almost) everybody’s saying (just google “living in the Age of Technology”). And what? Out of a sudden we’re in the Middle Ages? Holy smokes, Percival, quick, bring my sword!

It gets better – the EXperts (just like in “ex-wife”) believe that today we’re living in the Age of User Experience… I just… I mean… Oh, come on! Is this for real? And what, until now there wasn’t any user experience, or to be politically correct – it was ignored?

Brenda Laurel, an Atari designer, said “A design isn’t finished until somebody is using it” and I couldn’t disagree more when it comes to UX, because its development should NEVER stop. I’m permitting myself to correct Laurel – a design isn’t finished, being a never ending process, if you care about your brand, about your customers and about yourself.

The reality is that UX is here from the beginning of man.

Everything that surrounds us is user experience. It’s not only a service or a product that should be designed, but also everything related to it – the people that are promoting it, the customer support, the team behind it, the leader’s voice, the ads… EVERYTHING!

For example, Apple: great concept, cool image, powerful products – they’ve come up with a fucking awesome phone. But there are some retail stores of whose employees are NOT synced with Apple’s values. Tired, spiteful, not very friendly… They are part of my user experience with Apple – don’t you get that?! Yes, I could ignore them, buy the phone and go home. Instead I’m thinking that Apple only wants my money, without caring how I’m feeling when I’m getting in contact with the brand. And if this is true… what could I assume about customer care – I’m thinking about future possible issues and how I’ll be treated.

Did it ever crossed your minds that the Age of Technology was the Age of User Experience? That was the experience – getting in contact with technology… And now, it’s not a new thing for us anymore. We got used with the “wow!” factor instigated by devices and gizmos.

Wake up people

I’m not complaining. Brands focusing more and more on the user is a really good thing. But my problem is that everybody is an expert today. Titles are attributed too easily, our values are fading away, and more and more “experts” (disgusting, but smart, scammers) will come up with cool definitions to twist your mind, diverting your attention towards where they want it to, instead of allowing you to choose for yourself.

User experience is here since a long, long, looong time ago! It’s about everything and nothing. It’s about everything when we’re referring to the brand-customer relationship and all its aspects should be treated equally. It’s about nothing if those who are developing the UX are leaving the user out of the picture.

Stop ignoring your users!

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