User experience – Part II

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Our journey has come to an end… Or maybe not!

A few months ago, we had this idea of hosting a writing marathon. Our goal was to create a series of articles that can serve as guidelines when starting an online business. And by trying to educate others we would successfully educate ourselves. Hopefully… we’ve reached that goal, and from my point of view we’ve managed to do even more! Of course, you can have your own opinion, just be sure to have one!

The User Experience as the Everyone’s Experience

The team tried to cover as much as possible, writing in the following fields: Design, DevOps, Marketing and Smarter. In this last category (Smarter) went all the advices that didn’t fit in the other sections. So there wasn’t something to be considered as not being important. And perhaps this is the most valuable lesson of all… all the aspects of your business are equally important – some are more time consuming, some require bigger funds, but every single one of them is identically important as the others.

So why am I mentioning about User Experience?

Well, because it’s all about a person’s experience – the one of your customer, of your partner, and also your own. I’m not referring to User Experience Design, instead I want you to focus and to understand the Overall Experience – from the first contact with a possible future brand when it’s only an idea (and here it’s about you and your experience), right until your customers’ experience.

Think about User Experience as being something very similar to what you’re seeing in this video

Hal fixing a light bulb by hal16

You’re very busy trying to make your dream come true

And this is where we should take a marker and highlight a word… dream. Think about your dream… it’s a vision… your vision – it’s how you’re seeing your future. Try to analyze it in detail, and don’t be shy to put it on paper, in your trusty notebook. Give it a title, maybe something like “A bright future for everyone” or “How will I enlight my life and the ones of my customers”… or anything you see fit (that will clearly define your vision).

After you’ve wrote it down, remember everything! Look at it every day! Make it a part of yourself! Make everything in your power to turn that dream into reality (without making negative actions)!

Ask yourself on a daily basis:

  • Am I doing anything in my power in order to make my dream come true?
  • What am I doing right?
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • Am I respecting my envisioned future?

And whatever you’ll do, focus on everyone’s experience while interacting with your business. Be happy, stay positive, keep your head in the game!

You have it in you! Believe in yourself and make me do the same!

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