When GeoIP and the website fails

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Found an interesting case recently, with gizmodo.com going up and down all the time. Knowing that such a great site (ranked ~622 in Alexa) wouldn’t have a crappy hosting, I’d thought it would be nice to look into it. So I launched a quick availability test for gizmodo.com:

Gizmodo quick availability testTurns out, all requests from Deustchland, we’re redirected to http://de.gizmodo.com that didn’t work. It keeps timing out after 20-30 seconds. So actually, gizmodo.com is missing almost all of the visitors in Germany, and they don’t even now, since from all around the worlds, except Deustchland, everything works just fine, the don’t see this:

de.gizmodo.com error page

I’ll have to let them know about this.

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