Worldwide Monitoring Network

From United States to Russia, we check your services from more than 10 countries, including Netherlands, Deustchland, United Kingdom, USA, Russia, Turkey, Romania, Poland, Italy, Mexico, Chile, Spain and more.


Multi-user system with roles

With the multi-user role system, you can add an unlimited number of user and set permissions for each and one of them. Either read-write or just read-only, Monitive helps you keep it all under control.


Custom Locations Monitoring

If your target audience is limited to a part of the world, you can easily have it monitored only from that part of the world.


Public Status Pages

Show transparency to your users and display the status of your services, publicly available.


Domain Expiration Monitoring

Don't loose your domain because someone forgot to mention that it is going to expire, we automatically monitor all sites for domain expiration and start sending you notifications up to three days before expiration.


One Minute Interval Automatic Checking

We know it's important to find out as soon as possible when your websites are in trouble, that's why we check your services, by default, every minute. That 1440 times a day, each service!


SSL Certificate Expiration Monitoring

An expired SSL certificate turns into a nasty red alert for every visitor. Monitive helps you by letting you know if your SSL certificate for any monitored website is about to expire soon.


An Awesome Dashboard

Your webserver might be up, but is your site ok? Find out by adding a keyword to look for within the page content.