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Public reports / status pages

Public reports are status pages that display the current status of your monitored services, as well as the availability percentages from within the last few days. This enables you to have a public, simple, clean page that contains, at a glance, essential uptime information to display to your visitors or users:

The title of the report is customizable from within your account (Account info page), and you select the monitored services that you want to show uptime information for.

To select which services you want to be displayed in the reports, log into your dashboard, and click the Lock / Globe icon at the far right of your monitored services. A Lock means that the service is private and reports are not public. A Globe means that the service is publicly listed on the public page.

The URL for your status page is listed on the Dashboard page, in the lower right box named Your account & subscription. Click on the Public reports page link and you’ll be taken to your status page. The URL is something almost random such as http://monitive.com/uptime-monitoring/2s790743sqp212r4 so that only the people you give the link to (or list on) will see this report. This URL cannot be changed and it is tied to your account.

You can also choose to make a monitored service public or private when you edit the service, in the footer of the edit form you have a checkbox named “Enable public reports for this monitor…“. Just tick that and you’re all set.

Privacy issues? Usually, you woudn’t want to hide your status from your users, unless you have big problems with it, in which case the status page won’t make it any worse. This is why, by default, new monitored services are public by default. However, if you decide to keep this information for yourself, just uncheck the checkbox when adding a new service and nobody will know that is being monitored or what are the stats.

There is only one constraint. All free accounts have their reports made public. If you have a free monitoring account and you do not wish to have your stats public, you will have to delete your monitored services.