High-Resolution Checking & Alerting

Monitive can automatically check your site or service every minute and notify you immediately as a problem with your site is discovered. Checking for downtime works in the following manner:

  • your site is checked every minute, from a random world-wide location;
  • if your site is found to be down, then a double-check job is dispatched, from three different locations in the world;
  • if all three locations report the site as down, only then the monitor is marked as down;
  • you’ll instantly get an alert if you have selected Alert on instant down on your service.

From this moment on, no matter the check interval that you’ve selected, we’ll check the site every minute until it will come back up. We do this in order to:

  • measure the uptime as precisely as possible;
  • notify you that your site is up as soon as possible.

In addition, in order to get everything right, we use seconds as time resolution for uptime and downtime measurement.