Monitive’s RESTful API

Monitive has a service oriented architecture, meaning all the pieces interconnect via APIs. You are free to use our RESTful API in your scripts or projects, to get all the information that is usually provided in your administration area at

We also have an older, heavier SOAP API that we’re currently working on migrating from to our new RESTful API. As migration goes on, we will update this section to include de new calls.

API Endpoint

All RESTful API calls go to:

If you don’t have Secure HTTP available, you can make regular http calls to, but we don’t recommend it as eavesdropping on the connection could reveal your account’s password to various 3rd party.


To keep things simple, authentication is done via login email and password that you use to access your account, and an API key. To get an API key just write to contact [at] asking for an API Key, and describe what you’re working on in a short paragraph (optional).


To get a summary for all the alerts in your account, including last incidents, latency averages, last checks, monitor info and recent reports information, make a call to the summary resource, like this:[email protected]&p=pass&key=api-key

The response to this will be a JSON with all the information for your monitored services, including stats from the last 30 days, something starting like this:


This should make usage of our API dead-simple, as you can use any language (even JavaScript to decode the answer and plot data in your app).

Our mobile application uses this API, and also the administration area at So go ahead and build something great!

The API Testboard

Building applications that use API usually get to the point where something’s not working and you don’t know for sure if it’s your app or the API that’s not responding properly. This is why we build a test-board where you can manually test all the API’s calls, using any parameters that you need. This helps you see the call URL and the response of the server to every specific call.

API Testboard screenshot

Check it out in your administration area (MonitiveAdmin), under the menu Account -> API.