Online uptime report and outage timetable

Monitoring uptime for a service usually comes up to a percentage of availability, a number between 0 and 100. Good uptime is usually at least 98%, and everyone who monitors their site knows that there’s no such thing as 100% availability. Sites, servers as well as any electrical equipment have to go down sometime.

Monitive measures and displays uptime status for the last 30 days on the Dashboard, and on the Service information page. This is usually where you can easily see if it’s going down or up because we’ve added a small graph next to the percentage showing up the variation in the last period.

The uptime report

Every service has a tab called Uptime. Here’s where you can check historical uptime information. We always list here the uptime daily breakdown, the monthly uptime and the yearly uptime for your service since you first started to monitor it.

This enables you to draw the line at the end of the year, and get a valid uptime value. And to make everything even more precise, when we start recording downtime for your service, we always check it every minute until it comes back up. This way, there are no extra minutes added to every downtime that alter the uptime value.

Our unique outage timetable

Outages usually follow a pattern, because factors that influence downtime are also planned maintenance, daily cron tasks and traffic peaks. We’ve developed a unique way to display outages on a daily timetable, making it very easy to spot out recurrent patterns:

In the timetable above you can clearly noticed that something happens between 6 and 7 AM almost every day. Now you can start checking cron jobs, backup scripts or whatever is causing this. Using this timetable you can also notice if the downtime is totally random, which is also a useful information. Even visually, lots of red dots means something’s not going right.