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Automated Diagnosis

Whenever you find you site down, you do what’s right: open a ticket with your hosting provider. All good up to here, but usually you get a reply from them stating that things are running normally, and there’s nothing wrong with your website, because they’ve checked the server that your site is hosted on.

But because it most likely is a connectivity problem really exists, they ask you to run a ‘ping‘, ‘traceroute‘ and ‘nslookup‘ on your site. This helps them figure out where is the problem, as it may not be with their servers.

Here’s when Monitive comes in to help. After three minutes of downtime, we automatically execute ping, traceroute and nslookup, and gather all the information in a nice, single page that you can just forward to your hosting provider.

The link in the page is a unique, un-guessable URL that you can send you provider to see, without having to login or get access to other information about your monitored services. It will also let your hosting provider know that you have external monitoring active.

This helps both you by executing these simple tasks and it also helps your hosting provider to figure out where is the problem.