Keyword Monitoring

On HTTP monitors, you can type a keyword to be checked in the monitored page. This makes the monitoring location execute a HTTP GET request instead of HTTP HEAD in order to get the full page.

To add a keyword, just access your account, edit you monitored service, scroll to Advanced / custom settings and type your keyword in the Keyword check text-box.

Keyword Monitoring by Monitive

From now on your keyword is monitored, so every time we fetch your page, we’ll look for the specified keyword in it. If we don’t find it, if your site returns an error or if it takes too long to respond, we’ll mark the monitor as down and send you a notification.

The keyword can be any phrase you need, it can be as a comment, or in a HTML tag (it doesn’t have to be visible on the page). You can place any markers in your pages and monitor them with keyword monitoring.

Usually you’d want to monitor keywords that depend on some dynamic content, such as the  “Published by” keyword that should be along every item in a “latest blog posts” list. When the feed fails, the page wouldn’t display any blog post, thus the “Published by” text would be missing from the page.

Important: Keyword checking looks for the specified string in the body of the response as well as in the headers. So checking for keywords like Connection, HTTP, Server, Vary, Encoding are not a good idea if you’re looking to find that particular string in the page body. Here’s a typical cURL request containing all the headers:

curl -v
* Rebuilt URL to:
* Hostname was NOT found in DNS cache
* Trying
* Connected to ( port 80 (#0)
> GET / HTTP/1.1
> User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0)
> Host:
> Accept: */*
> Referer:
< HTTP/1.1 200 OK * Server nginx is not blacklisted < Server: nginx < Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2015 08:56:50 GMT < Content-Type: text/html < Transfer-Encoding: chunked < Connection: keep-alive < Vary: Accept-Encoding < Last-Modified: Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT < X-Powered-By: EasyEngine < rt-Fastcgi-Cache: HIT
.....the rest of the HTML body....