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Performance Monitoring Reports

Every check that Monitive makes from each location in the world comes with an extra: performance monitoring. We measure DNS lookup time, connect time, receive time and the total time elapsed for each request.

This enables us to generate incredibly useful reports about the site’s performance. Users are happy when your service is lightning fast, and in order to keep them happy, you have to keep an eye on your service’s latency, or loading time.

Each monitored service has a Latency page that displays performance history from the last 30 days, or whatever interval you select.

The response time is displayed in milliseconds, so you want to be on a lookout for values beyond 1000. Whatever service are you monitoring, whether is HTTP, PING or MySQL, a response time of over 1 second is considered bad and should be investigated.

We keep this information for years, so you can go back and forth to see if things are improving or not. This is especially useful when you change hosting providers, when you launch a new platform, migrate to a new mail server or have any major change in infrastructure.