Read-only Account Users

You can add team members that can access your Monitive account with either read-only access to the information contained, or read-write access to specific monitors that you select.

To enable users to access your account, go to Users in your Account menu.

Monitive User List

Your main account is the first one and cannot be deleted or updated from here. To change the name or email, you have to select Account Info in your Account menu.

Click Add user to add a new user to your account. Type the user’s name, email, password, and optionally give read-write access to specific monitors. If you’re done, click Save. The new user is added to your account and can now login.

Update Monitive users

Please not that you will not be able to add a user account with an email address that already has a Monitive account. Also, users added this way will not be able to add new monitors or delete existing monitors.