The Truly Awesome Uptime Monitoring Mobile App

Truly awesome products and services come by when they don’t just fulfill  some purpose that their creator sought after, but after they prove their usefulness, several times. It’s all about that moment when you wish you had something or could do something. Easily.

Here’s a page from that story. The Monitive mobile app. It’s that moment when you get a disturbing notification that your site is down, when you wish you could check what really happened today with your site. But you’re in a bus. Or at some friends. Or drinking a beer with your father-in-law, and you can’t quite enjoy it until you figured it out.

Introducing: The Monitive Mobile App

This is where you should use the Monitive mobile app. Just install it, log in and presto: every time you wish to check up on something, it’s there. Recent incidents, checks, stats and everything else is just two-three taps away.

And then there was Push

Push notifications are instant messages sent directly by your data carrier, in many occasions way faster than regular SMS. We benchmarked Push notifications, and got some of them delivered in under one second! This gives “Instant Notifications” a whole new meaning.

To enable Push notifications for you monitored services, just go to Settings on your Monitive mobile app, enable Push Notifications, and edit each monitor that you want to have push notifications sent for. Nothing extra to pay, you just get unlimited notifications, unlimited Push contacts. Just because we love building useful services!

Download the App

Currently available for Android and iOS, go ahead and install the app on your smartphone. It’s free as in beer! If you don’t already have a, head out to our registration page and sign up!


Love it or not, send us your thougths about it to [email protected]. I answer all the messages I receive!