Features (9)

Monitive uptime monitoring features explained

  1. HTTP POST alerts

    Monitive is able to execute a HTTP POST to an URL that you specify in case of a down or up alert. To do this, edit your monitor and click Add new URL under URL POST alerts. Type the URL to send the POST to… Read More

  2. Read-only Account Users

    You can add team members that can access your Monitive account with either read-only access to the information contained, or read-write access to specific monitors that you select. To enable users to access your account, go to Users in your Account menu. Your main account… Read More

  3. PagerDuty Integration

    Monitive works with PagerDuty. PagerDuty is a service that “alerts the right person, every time”. In just a few words, PagerDuty provides SaaS IT on-call schedule management, alerting and incident tracking, including: Add scheduling to existing monitoring solutions Alert teams via SMS, phone or email… Read More

  4. Automated Diagnosis

    Whenever you find you site down, you do what’s right: open a ticket with your hosting provider. All good up to here, but usually you get a reply from them stating that things are running normally, and there’s nothing wrong with your website, because they’ve… Read More

  5. Custom HTTP Code Check

    If you need to monitor a page that does not respond with the usual 200 OK code, you’ll need to use the Custom HTTP Code Check feature that Monitive provides. Just log into your account, edit your monitor, scroll down to the Advanced / Custom… Read More

  6. Keyword Monitoring

    On HTTP monitors, you can type a keyword to be checked in the monitored page. This makes the monitoring location execute a HTTP GET request instead of HTTP HEAD in order to get the full page. To add a keyword, just access your account, edit… Read More

  7. Basic HTTP Authentication Monitoring

    Monitive allows you to monitor web application behind authenticated sections. The most simple authentication is the Basic HTTP Auth, supported by the HTTP protocol since very many years ago. Authentication can be easily implemented either by editing the corresponding .htaccess file, Apache’s configuration files or… Read More

  8. Malware Detection

    Monitive checks all of your websites (HTTP monitors) for malware, and will instantly notify you as soon as malware is found on your site. What is malware? Malware, short for malicious software, is software designed to infiltrate a computer system without the owner’s informed consent…. Read More

  9. High-Resolution Checking & Alerting

    Monitive can automatically check your site or service every minute and notify you immediately as a problem with your site is discovered. Checking for downtime works in the following manner: your site is checked every minute, from a random world-wide location; if your site is found to… Read More