Basics (4)

Basic information about Monitive's monitoring service, benefits, monitoring network and more.

  1. Monitive Monitoring Features & Benefits

    Our service is provided to help you stay on top of problems by knowing when your website is in trouble. This way, you save money by being able to quickly react in case of issues with your site, email server, ftp service or whatever internet… Read More

  2. What is Monitive?

    Monitive is a website monitoring service, that periodically checks the user’s website from several locations around the world and instantly notifies him if his website or other monitored services goes down, via email, Twitter and SMS.

  3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Here’s a list of frequently asked questions that we’ve received in the past, along with a short answer. If you have a question, feel free to ask us! 

  4. Monitoring Network / Check Locations

    Monitive checks your service by rotation from one of the following nodes. For best results, it is recommended to update your firewall to allow access to the monitored services only from these IP addresses.