Reports (3)

Reports information regarding uptime and latency performance.

  1. Performance Monitoring Reports

    Every check that Monitive makes from each location in the world comes with an extra: performance monitoring. We measure DNS lookup time, connect time, receive time and the total time elapsed for each request. This enables us to generate incredibly useful reports about the site’s… Read More

  2. Online uptime report and outage timetable

    Monitoring uptime for a service usually comes up to a percentage of availability, a number between 0 and 100. Good uptime is usually at least 98%, and everyone who monitors their site knows that there’s no such thing as 100% availability. Sites, servers as well… Read More

  3. Public reports / status pages

    Public reports are status pages that display the current status of your monitored services, as well as the availability percentages from within the last few days. This enables you to have a public, simple, clean page that contains, at a glance, essential uptime information to… Read More