Common Questions

Trial & Intro

Is there anything to download or install?

Monitive is a Software-as-a-Service, meaning it runs in the cloud, remotely. So there is nothing to download or install, to use it, just sign up and set up your account. This makes it available everywhere, anytime.

How can I get a trial extension?

If you haven’t got a chance to check out Monitive during the trial period, or you just want to try it for a few more weeks, just send us a message and we’ll be happy to grant you an extension.

How can I change my account email address?

Usually, users sign up with their own email and later want to switch to a company email to use with Monitive. Send us a message from the email address you used to sign-up with, mentioning the new email address that you’d like to use and we’ll change it right away.

I have a question for you guys. Where do I send it?

Bugs? Hugs? We’re here to listen. Picture a huge corporate company with really tight workflows and process pipelines. We’re exactly the opposite of that. Small and enthusiastic, we’re always happy to hear from our customers, just send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll answer as soon as possible.

I need more SMS alerts, how do I buy extra SMS credits?

When you run out of SMS alerts, you’ll get an email with a big nice link where you can directly order more SMS packages. One SMS pack contains 100 SMS alerts, costs $10 and is delivered in minutes, right into your account. Also, if you want to be safe and get extra SMS alerts before you run out of, head out to your Dashboard, Account menu, click Subscription, scroll down and click Buy now in the SMS alerts box. You can even buy several SMS packs, of 100 SMS alerts each.

I need to monitor hundreds of services. How do I do that?

If you need to monitor hundreds of thousands of services, either sites, email servers, DNS etc, there are several alternatives that we can discuss. Just send us an email and we’ll give you a quotation based on your needs.

Do you have an affiliate / referral program?

Our affiliate program has been discontinued as we’re in the process of rebuilding the entire dashboard, along with an awesome referral program that we know you’ll love. Just keep an eye on our newsletters for updates.

From which countries does Monitive checks my sites or services?

The constantly-updated monitoring locations page is always the best place to look for the list of countries and cities from where we execute the checks.

What is considered a good uptime?

Although uptime is measured as how long a service has been running since it’s last downtime, in uptime monitoring, uptime is actually ‘availability’. Availability is a percentage of time that the service has been functional and it is usually related to a longer period of time, such as a month or a year. A good uptime is usually related to the business of the website in question, but whatever it is, an uptime below 99% is not good. 99% uptime is equivalent to 7.2 hours of downtime per month, or 3.65 days per year. This includes planned maintenance and small outages that should only occur during the night or weekends (if the sites public target is somehow local).

What is considered a slow site, in terms of server latency?

There have been many studies regarding the relationship between the user attention span and server latency. A good latency should be below 800 ms, and you should consider that after the server send the page to the browser, there could be many other dependencies such as images, CSS stylesheets and Javascript files that are downloaded and executed after the server servers the requested page.


I want to upgrade to a bigger plan. How do I do that?

This is easy as ordering a bigger plan and sending us a message about the upgrade, at [email protected]. We’ll refund the unused period from your previous plan and cancel the old subscription. The upgrade is done by signing into your account, head out to the Account menu, click Subscription and click Buy Now on your desired subscription.

How do I change my payment information?

Payments are processed by our friends at PayPro Global. Just send us an email regarding the information that you want updated and we’ll make sure to forward your request to the right people.

How can I get an invoice for my payments, and how do I change invoice information?

Invoices are automatically sent via email as soon as the order has been processed, to the email address used on the order form. This may or may not be the same address as the Monitive account email. If you need an older invoice or want the information updated, let us know and we’ll be more than happy to help.

I recently placed an order and my account hasn’t yet been upgraded. What’s happening?

As a part of the ordering process, a series of fraud checks are being executed by our friends at PayPro Global, who handle all our payments. Usually this takes just a few minuts, but from time to time they decide to further investigate a payment, that can include even an actual phone-call to the credit-card or PayPro owner to make sure that everything is legit. You’ll get an email as soon as the payment has been successfully processed.

How do I cancel my subscription?

It really makes us sad if you decide to stop using our services, but if you really don’t need to use our uptime monitoring service anymore, just send us a message and we’ll cancel your account and pending subscription.

I’m not completely satisfied with your service and want to get a refund. How do I do this?

Excellence is our drive when it comes to delivering quality services to our customers. If, however, you are not fully satisfied with our services, just send us a message in the first 30 days after your order and we’ll refund your payment. Mentioning the reason is optional, but awesome.

I need your Proof of Residency because my Tax Department needs it. Can you sent it me please?

PayPro Global, our friends who handle all the payments, can obtain and send you a Proof of Residency, should you need one. This takes anything from a few hours to a few weeks, depending on the bureaucracy limitations in Canada.

SMS Alerts

When are the monthly included SMS alerts credited to my account?

All plans that include monthly SMS alerts are automatically credited on the 1st day of each month.

Which countries are covered by the SMS alerting features?

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, our SMS covers 1172 network operators in 229 countries. Chances are we’re covering your operator, but just to be sure, add your phone number on a service you monitor and let us know. We’ll check and make sure we can deliver SMS alerts to your number.

When do my SMS alerts expire?

Monthly SMS alerts are reset every 1st of each month. Acquired SMS alerts do not expire. When an SMS alert has been issued, we first check if you have monthly SMS alerts available, and only if you don’t have any included SMS alerts we’ll use one from your acquired ones.

Do monthly SMS alerts included in the subscription get reported to the next month?

No, all unused montly SMS alerts get reset the following month. Either upgrade to a bigger plan or buy extra SMS alerts to make sure you never run out of.

How do I test to see if I can receive SMS alerts?

You can either send us you phone number or you can set up an alert on a public website (such as, add you phone number as contact and then modify the monitor to an invalid site (such as www.notgoogle.notcom) and wait for the alert. Usually you get alerted in under one minute. Be sure to check Alert on instant down on the modify monitor page, or you’ll have to wait three minutes for the outage alert.

Mobile Apps

How can I add multiple accounts to my mobile app for iOS or Android?

Currently, you can use the Monitive mobile app with only one account at a time. But adding multiple accounts is on our to-do list. Keep an eye on our newsletter for updates.


The website was detected as down, but the diagnosis doesn’t show anything wrong with my site. Why is that?

Diagnosis are executed from one of our servers, and outages are confirmed from different locations. So if your website is marked as down from three locations, it’s possible that the site is working when accessing from the server that execute the diagnosis. This will change in the future, executing the diagnosis procedures from the node that found the outage is on our to-do list.

Where are the diagnosis executed from?

Diagnosis are executed from a dedicated server in Deutschland, Germany.

My logs show that there is a port scanning occurring from time to time from Monitive’s servers. Why is this?

Whenever an outage occurs, Monitive automatically executes diagnosis commands: nslookup, ping and traceroute on the monitored hosts. Apparently, traceroute uses UDP packets on high, rarely used ports to measure time and hops to destination: “Probe packets are udp datagrams with so-called “unlikely” destination ports. The “unlikely” port of the first probe is 33434, then for each next probe it is incremented by one. Since the ports are expected to be unused, the destination host normally returns “icmp unreach port” as a final response. (Nobody knows what happens when some application listens for such ports, though).”

“We don’t want the destination host to process the UDP probe packets, so the destination port is set to an unlikely value (you can change it with the -p flag). There is no such a problem for ICMP or TCP tracerouting (for TCP we use half-open technique, which prevents our probes to be seen by applications on the destination host).”

General Monitoring

Why don’t you have a monitoring node in my country?

Since the world is a really huge place, we can’t cover all the countries out there. So our main focus is to cover most countries that our customers target. If yours is not supported, be sure to let us know and we’ll add it on our next expansion project. We usually expand our network two times every year.

I’m using Microsoft IIS or Nginx and Monitive reports my site as down or slow. Why is that?

We noticed that Microsoft IIS and Nginx don’t properly process HTTP HEAD requests, so it is better to update your monitors to force HTTP GET requests. Automatically detecting the server software and updating the monitor automatically is on our to-do list.

How can I set Monitive to make HTTP GET requests instead of HEAD?

Monitive issues HTTP HEAD requests by default when monitoring websites, because it saves the bandwidth while keeping the process intact. However, if your server doesn’t handle HEAD requests, or if you just want to switch to HTTP GET requests for whatever reason, all you have to do is to edit your monitor and add a keyword to check on the page. This will automatically change requests from HEAD to GET.

How can I pause the monitoring during a planned maintenance timeframe?

This can easily be achieved using the “Planned maintenance / silent mode” feature. Edit your monitor, scroll down to the “3. Alerting / notification options” section and click “Advanced notification options”. Here you can either set a daily maintenance window or a one-time silent event. During this time, your service is still going to be monitored, but you will not get any outage alerts whatsoever.

How can I monitor my MySQL servers behind a firewall?

First you need to allow MySQL connections from our monitoring network. To do this, you need to execute a query for each monitoring IP, such as:

This will grant connection privileges to our monitoring network. We won’t be able so see any of your data, or alter anything. The ‘Usage’ grant only allows us to make sure your server is up and running.

How do I remove a monitor?

To delete a monitor, go to your dashboard, click the desired service, scroll down and click Delete. Monitoring will be stopped and all related data deleted. This action is not reversible, so be careful what you delete.

Does Monitive’s check show up in my Google Analytics account?

The simple answer is No, checking your services does not execute Javascript code, and thus your Google Analytics information will not include or detect Monitive’s monitoring. You can, however see the checks that Monitive is executing in your server access logs.

How do I clone a monitor?

Currently monitors cannot be cloned, but this features is on our to-do list.

Is there a problem with your ping servers? My application is online however the remote servers are giving a time out

Usually, network and connectivity issues affect backbone servers and certain countries. You can see every individual checks to get a clear overview on where are the problems coming from. In case of ping timeout, you get the full ping report by heading out to the Checks tab on your troublesome monitor.

How do I add a service that is currently down?

To prevent spelling and other types of error, Monitive requires that the monitor you set up is currently up and running. If you really need to add a service that is currently down, enter a known public URL / host when creating the monitor, and then edit and change it to your target service.

How do I delete some outages that I don’t want recorded in my account?

If there were some outages that you need eliminated from your account, just send us a message and we’ll take care of it. Just don’t let more than 20 days pass from the incidents you want deleted, because after that we can’t recalculate latency reports.

I’ve got lots of outages alerts in the past few hours. What’s happening?

Intermittent errors are usually a sign of DNS or world-wide connectivity problems. For example if one of your DNS servers provides misleading information, each time we check your service we can get the wrong IP, resulting in many up-down alerts.

Do you have the ability to monitor email flow?

Currently this feature is high on our to-do list, and we’ll implemented as soon as possible. Basically it implies sending an email back to us through your servers and measuring if and when the message arrives.

How do I monitor a website that is protected by HTTP Basic Auth?

If you have some staging or development deployment behind a protected Basic Auth system, just edit your monitor, scroll down to “2. Monitored subject”, click “Advanced / custom settings” and enter your username and password configured into your web server’s Basic Auth. We’ll include the user and password on every check to make sure the page behind Auth responds correctly.

How can I place an uptime widget on my site?

Monitive provides several types of widgets that you can place on your website. Two of them display the current uptime of your monitored service.