Walktrough on why Monitive is best for you


Hours of Downtime
Recorded in 2017

Last year our systems recorded a total of 153,679.81 hours of downtime on the monitored services that our customers set up, that's around 6,403 days, or 17.54 years (crazy, huh?).

The fact is that all services have downtime sometimes, you just might not know it yet.

Our research on this subject pointed out that the average downtime for every service is around 6 hours per month. That's anywhere between one minute and one week.

The Solution

Uptime Monitoring

Our vision is to make the internet a better place.

This is why we created Monitive to check your services from all around the world, every minute, and instantly notify you when there's an issue with any of them.

Simple, clean, fast, reliable and powerful.

Fast & Effective

Setup Under
One Minute

To get started, you only need to give us a few pieces of information, including the website that you wish to have monitored.

From there on, everything happens automagically.

Need to set up email, DNS or ping monitoring? That's another minute. We check most types of internet services in use today, and even custom ones via out Custom TCP port feature.

Heres a preview. Really, under one minute!

Instant notifications

To Anywhere
Via Anything

No matter what your mobile limitations are, we've got you covered.

Get instant alerting via SMS text message to 160+ countries, unlimited iOS or Android Push notifications, Twitter Direct Messages, Emails, or even more complex and flexible alerts via HTTP POST API calls or PagerDuty integration.

From a simple SMS to a full-blown on-call scheduled workflow, everything is always available.

Super Admin


Time is precious and our dashboard understands that.

This is you when you access your monitoring account, you get all the important information in just one glance. No more digging up to get the information you need to know fast.

Status, uptime, latency, recent outages and even last check info is right there, always fresh, always available.

Take a look for yourself!

Downtime is bad for business. Be the first to find out when your website is down!

Monitive To Go

Your devoted sidekick

Bad things usually happen when you least expect them.

And when you're the furthest place from where it would have helped to be. Our iOS and Android apps give you mobility when you're not near your computer, with instant unlimited Push notifications, information about outages, latency and the ability to adjust monitoring settings.

Live more and enjoy your life, while Monitive watches over your services.

Personal Dispatch

Reports That Are
Actually Useful

Get an automated weekly report, containing all the important information that we've come up with while monitoring your services.

Aside from the main uptime, average latency and outages information, you also get precious information such as daily and country latency breakdown, an availability timetable to spot downtime patterns and even the complete list of incidents and alerts, if you require them.

And for any timeframe.

Pretty and useful reports ... see?!

Healthy Website

Happy Website

This is why we automatically check for malware reports, domain expiration or if you are monitoring HTTPS (SSL) websites, we'll check the expiration date every day and let you know as soon as the certificate expiration date is near.

There are lots of things that can get wrong with your online presence, and Monitive covers most of them.

Advanced Features

For Advanced Needs

Automated Outage Diagnosis, Public Status pages, Keyword monitoring, Basic AUTH monitoring, Silent time / Planned Maintenance, Outage Reminders, Custom Timeout and Custom HTTP Code checking are just a few of Monitive's features, and we never stop.

We value customer feedback and build stuff that people actually use. And the main requirement for everything we build is to be simple to use.

Beyond Uptime Monitoring:

The Internet, A Better Place

We always give back more than we get.

Making the Internet a better place means not only helping out with uptime, latency and alerts.

We share our knowledge on various topics such as Design, Marketing, Development or Server Administration, to help grow the global level of proficiency in the online world.

Monitive Uptime Monitoring