Detect downtime before your customers do

When your website goes down, we'll notify you via Email, SMS Text, or even Phone Call.
Because we check your websites every single minute, from all around the world.

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Every website owner...

...should know that, on average, their website goes down 6 hours every month.
In our 10 years of experience we actually detected 2,182,259 outages for over 4,685 users.
You probably suspect yours goes down as well, but don’t have a clue how to check.

Which means that

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You've already lost business
Imagine your virtual shop's door is closed. People cannot get in, cannot buy, cannot recommend you.
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You're losing trust
Your potential clients landed on a blank error page and lost their trust. When is the last time you recommended a website you did not find working?
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You're wasting money
You're throwing money into advertising which doesn’t convert, making your marketing strategy useless.
If you don’t take any measures to change this,

you risk losing between $137 and $9,000 per minute!

And it's not even coming from us, this is what the experts are saying.
Don't let downtime ruin your reputation, marketing efforts, conversion rate or your business.

Enter Monitive

The most easy to use uptime monitoring service ever.
You don't need to install anything, since Monitive runs ''in the cloud''.
Built by humans, both for the non tech-savvy and for elite engineers.
Detect Downtime

Always detect website downtime before your customers do.

Stop Wasting Money

Stop wasting money on campaigns that send visitors to an error page.

Ensure Highly Available

Ensure you run a highly reliable service.

Regain Lost Business

Regain business that is lost while your site is down.

Measure SLA

Measure and secure your Service Level Agreement (SLA) targets.

Boost Your SEO

Boost your SEO by allowing your site to be crawled at all times.

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Friendly on your smartphone

Whether you're on the beach or in a meeting, get the most important info with just a few taps.
Intelligent alerting

This is what happens when your site goes down:

We instantly send you an email alert.
If 3 minutes have passed and it's still down, we'll send you an SMS alert.
If 10 minutes have passed and it's still down, we will call you.
You can customize this behaviour according to your needs.
Unlimited email alerts

Email alerts contain the most important information, such as the monitor's name, outage starting time and the error we detected.

When you receive an outage alert, you can acknowledge it. That way, we won't bother you with more alerts about the same issue.
Mobile-data proof SMS

Regardless of your mobile internet settings or support, SMS alerts are always useful to pinch through the stream of never-ending notifications about nothing serious.

You'll never miss an outage notification due to your data plan being depleted or deactivated.
When it's serious...

We'll call. Scout's honor!

After 10 minutes into an outage, our system will automatically call you.

This way you can safely focus on what's in front of you and we promise to let you know if something is serious.

By default, you will not get phone call alerts during night time. Your good night's sleep might be more important than a healthy website. Feel free to change that.
From California to Germany to Tokyo

Our growing network of monitoring nodes provide clarity to how your websites are behaving from all around the world.

Currently monitoring from:

  • New York, US
  • Dallas, US
  • Fremont, US
  • London, GB
  • Banglore, IN
  • Tokyo, JP
  • Frankfurt, DE
  • Singapore, SG

Complete on your desktop

A generous layout for a generous display, showing everything you need to know for quick and smart decisions in times of crisis.

Response time monitoring

Response time and page load time are crucial aspects that impact user experience, SEO, sales, server load and much more.

The assumption that your page will load just as fast from any location in the world is generally dangerous and usually wrong.

In general, the only way to spot peaks and changes in performance is by constant monitoring of response times.

Monitor dashboard screenshot

Weekly & monthly uptime reports

We'll send you uptime reports every week and every month for your future reference. Using these reports you can easily see how your websites and services performed during that period.

We keep these reports for up to 10 years, so historical information will always be available.

Weekly report screenshot

Monitor grouping

Monitoring multiple systems involves checking that the various components of those systems are working as expected.

With the monitor grouping feature, you can group together monitors and get an eagle eye view of your systems, plus you get aggregated availability and response time stats for each group.

Grouped monitors screenshot

Try it free for 15 days — No credit card required

Built to make your life easier

Supercharge your website's uptime by leveraging even more features, all included.
HTTP Monitoring
HTTP Monitoring
HTTP/HTTPS Monitoring allows you check a website every minute and instantly report when it's not responding.
Ping Monitoring
Ping Monitoring
Ping Monitoring allows you to add monitors that periodically ping the designated hostname or IP address. We will instantly notify you if we don't get a timely reply back.
TCP Monitoring
TCP Monitoring
TCP Port Monitoring allows you monitor any TCP/IP service by periodically connecting to a specific host and port, and report when the connection cannot be established.
HTTP Custom Status
HTTP Custom Status
Monitor for a custom HTTP Status such as 401 or 404 instead of the standard 200 OK. We'll consider monitors that respond with your custom status as available (up) and whenever the response changes, we'll alert you.
HTTP Custom Headers
HTTP Custom Headers
Send any custom headers for HTTP monitors. HTTP headers let the client and the server pass additional information with an HTTP request or response. This is great for monitoring APIs and other endpoints.
HTTP Custom Method
HTTP Custom Method
Monitor HTTP endpoints using other than GET methods, such as POST, PUT or DELETE, and specify your custom request body. We'll send the headers and body with each check we make.
Custom Locations
Custom Locations
Select which nodes of our monitoring network are checking your monitors. Very useful in case your users are withing one or certain geographical areas.
Custom Interval
Custom Interval
Customize the frequency of the monitoring checks for any of your monitors from 1 minute and up to 24 hours. Adjust stress on your server when monitoring pages that consume resources.
Custom Timeout
Custom Timeout
Customize the checks timeout for any monitor, which is by default 20 seconds. If the server doesn't answer in the preset timeout interval, we consider it unavailable and we start double-checking and registering an outage.
Keyword monitoring
Keyword monitoring
Eliminate situations when your website is responding, but with an error page instead of the content. Add a keyword that should be on the page if it's all good and we will alert you if it disappears.
Silent hours
Silent hours
By default we won't call you at night, so you can get some rest even if there are night-time outages. If it's critical for you to be woken up when your site goes down, we can do that too.
Outage acknowledgement
Outage acknowledgement
Each outage will trigger a succession of alerts, from email to phone call. If you acknowledge the outage from an alert we won't bother you any more, assuming that you are now aware that things went south.
The web interface uses our RESTful API for all operations. Feel free to plug in and build your own flows and features.
Mobile & Chrome Webapp
Mobile & Chrome Webapp
Monitive is always just a click away to keep you informed. Feel free to add the mobile web app to your home screen or install it as a Chrome app to help you keep an eye what matters to you.
Webhook Alerts
Webhook Alerts
Get a webhook call to your desired URL for monitor outage and recovery alerts. Useful when you have scripts that further handle outages and recoveries.
Team Management
Team Management
Invite your team members and share the knowledge (and alerts). Unlimited users can be added to your team, making uptime monitoring and incident management a bliss.
Maintenance Window
Maintenance Window
Configure maintenance time frames when alerts should be silenced. This works with either daily maintenance time frames or a specific date and time interval.
Custom Reports
Custom Reports
Generate uptime & response time reports for any timeframe and monitor. Select the monitors that you want to include, select the time frame and generate your reports within seconds. HTML and PDF version included.

Works with these services

Integrate with the services that you already use and love...
PagerDuty is an incident management platform that provides reliable notifications, automatic escalations, on-call scheduling, and other functionality to help teams detect and fix infrastructure problems quickly.

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Hear it from our clients

Don't take our word, hear it from the users that rely on Monitive day and night.
Jenn Hess avatar image
“We truly appreciate their attention to detail when building out new features, and their commitment to incorporating insights from real users.”
Jenn Hess
Designer, Developer & CEO | Sofo Studios
Lasse Schou avatar image
“At Mouseflow keeping a high uptime is paramount to our business. We've used Monitive for 8 straight years, and it's never let us down
Kudos to Lucian and his team.”
Lasse Schou
Founder & CTO | Mouseflow
Alin Tuhut avatar image
“Monitive is my all-in-one solution for monitoring site speed and outages. Their great alert system gives me the peace of mind that I'll be the first to know if our website isn't working.”
Alin Tuhut
Co-founder | Movalio

👋🏼 Hello, I am Lucian,
your Chief Uptime Officer

I work with solo entrepreneurs and small businesses. They struggle with complicated technical setups and coding. Or finding the right people to do the technical part.
But more than that, they actually need to be very careful with every cent they invest in bringing new clients.
Imagine if their website is down and they run ads to a sales page. Unsatisfied clients. Lack of business and lost advertising money.
I am in the uptime monitoring business for more than 10 years, detecting over 2 million outages for more than 4,000 users around the world. I know all there is to know about outages and what causes them.
🤝 Let me help you improve your uptime, your business and - essentially - your life.

Simple pricing

Subscription based, pay monthly or annually, based on the number of monitors you need. Everything included.
Pricing starts at $5 / month, so that's one more fact your don't need to worry about.


Here are some of the frequent questions we've been asked.
You can monitor any Internet device, server or service that's publicly accessible, including web sites, servers, routers, IoT devices etc. Devices that are not publicly accessible can also be monitored via firewall white-listing or proxies.
There is nothing to install. Monitive is an external uptime monitoring service, with a private network of nodes spread across the world, and we're checking your website or Internet-enabled devices without anything required on your systems.
No, absolutely not. All optional features are available to all Pro users without any extra cost. This includes unlimited users, reports, incidents, and alerts. The only resource that you will have to pay is SMS text alerts, as we're paying to send them as well.
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