About us

What is Monitive?

Monitive is a Software-as-a-Service, basically an online service that users sign up to and then add their websites and other Internet-based services to be monitored non-stop, from all around the world, and be notified whenever their service goes down.

Also includes uptime and latency reports, various check types, multiple alerting channels, customizable monitoring and many other features.

Established 2010

Monitive was founded in 2010, by Lucian Daniliuc. Based in Romania, but with customers all around the world, it has since then ran tens of billions of checks, detected over two million outages for over four thousand users.

Started out as side project built because all the uptime monitoring services back then were either expensive or too complicated, it slowly grew into a service used and trusted by thousands of users.

In March 2017, as the service became very fragile and did not scale, we decided to rebuild it from scratch, gathering all the knowledge gathered throughout seven years of business, and create a simple, stable, scalable, decoupled and high-performing service.

The newly rebuilt Monitive, code-named “Freyja” was launched on June 18th, 2020. The old one, now called Monitive Classic, was sunset on December 18th, 2020, after migrating all the users to the new service.

Vision & Mission

Technology's ultimate purpose is to improve our lives. I want to achieve this purpose both with Monitive and with the revenue it generates.

My vision with Monitive is to ultimately make a difference in people’s lives, starting in the online but eventually use the generated income to upgrade lives of less fortunate people and animals living in various places in the world.

During my visit in Kenya, seeing how the basic necessity of water is an everyday challenge, I decided that my dream is to grow a business that would allow me to directly improve life in places like Kenya by funding and overseeing the building of wells, helping children get an education, and funding various other initiative that either radically improve people’s lives or help preserve our planet to its beauty and wonders.

—Lucian Daniliuc, Monitive founder.



We value transparency, by laying all our cards on the table, by sharing both the good news and the bad, by encouraging honesty and telling facts as they are.

Going beyond superficial relationships, we believe that by being honest both to ourselves and to complete strangers is the only way to live a fulfilling life.

The only life that’s worth living.


Humans tend to complicate and overcrowd their lives, both offline and online.

This goes even further and makes building simple things also complicated.

We value simplicity and minimalism, ensuring what we build for our customers is the simplest thing possible.


Trust is a like a precious vase. Hard to build and easy to destroy.

That’s why never shovel the dirt under the mat, half of our system is comprised of automated tests, logging and fail-safe systems to ensure that when we send any piece of information, whether is an outage alert or an uptime report, it contains the true facts.

Something that both us and our users can rely on.

Our culture

Picture a huge corporate company with really tight workflows and process pipelines. We’re exactly the opposite of that. Small and enthusiastic, we’re always happy to hear from our customers.

Having been in the uptime monitoring business for more than 10 years, we know all there is to know about outages and what causes them. Our team is remote and intentionally distributed, to include multiple cultures, time zones and skills.