New features, fixes and improvements to the Monitive uptime monitoring service.

Friday, May 7, 2021
web v0.19.1 api v1.18.0
Status Pages

Status Pages

Status pages is a new Monitive feature that will be available to all Monitive Pro users soon. You will be able to create unlimited status pages for any combination of your monitors. We’re still testing it and tweaking it, and making it ready for everyone.

Besides the status page, many fixes and under-the-hood improvements were released.

Fixes & Improvements

  • feat: skip latency info & add view page links @dlucian (#163)
  • feat: enable users to revoke invitations they’ve sent @dlucian (#159)
  • feat: [NEW FEATURE] Manage status pages @dlucian (#156)
  • fix: API endpoint URL
  • fix: translation string indentation
  • fix: storage attribute at signup
  • fix: reports pagination @dlucian (#154)
  • fix: show second bonus if available @dlucian (#145)
  • fix: changelog news drop-in anchor not persisting on Safari @dlucian (#143)
  • fix: don’t show NaN when we don’t have latency data @dlucian (#141)
  • fix: show reason when cannot disable Team Management @dlucian (#140)
  • chore: save signup user source @dlucian (#150)

API Updates

  • feat: SaaS Metrics Report @harmandevp (#466)
  • feat: send email to team owner when webhook alert fails @harmandevp (#464)
  • feat: status page slug format validation message @harmandevp (#510)
  • feat: Status Page feature @dlucian (#482)
  • feat: flags hasResponseTimes and hasAutomaticIncidents update @harmandevp (#530)
  • feat: removes monitor settings from public response @harmandevp (#526)
  • feat: encrypts recipient sensitive data @harmandevp (#525)
  • feat: saves recipient_id via monitor POST/PATCH @harmandevp (#523)
  • feat: manage recipients @harmandevp (#501)
  • fix: don’t allow read-only team members to send regular member invitations @harmandevp (#479)
  • fix: confirm monitor timeout @dlucian (#488)
  • fix: update horizon to use 15 workers instead of 30 as it was causing memory issues #489
  • fix: skip throttle for the token generator @dlucian (#493)
  • fix: non-owner can only revoke the invitations that he/she sent @harmandevp (#506)
  • chore: optimize logging @dlucian (#494)
  • chore: update dependencies @harmandevp (#485)
  • chore: optimize logging @dlucian (#480)
  • chore: send announcement to users @harmandevp (#470)
  • chore: add team_id in the weekly report @dlucian (#481)
  • chore: send ERROR and above to slack channel #freyja
  • chore: save visitor source on signup @harmandevp (#498)
  • chore: creates new Ammolite bonus @harmandevp (#515)
  • chore: updated dependencies @harmandevp (#497, #511, #508, #500, #522)

Thursday, March 18, 2021
web v0.17.0 api v1.15.0
Audit Tools

Audit Tools

We bring two new audit-oriented features today that have been requested and are now fresh out of the oven, ready to use.

Read-only user role

You can now invite read-only users to your team, or you can change the current users to be read-only.

A read-only user cannot start, stop, delete, update or add monitors. It cannot acknowledge monitors, and can only add other read-only members to the team.

However, a read-only user can create and manage custom reports that he creates. Basically it has research rights in your team, but can’t touch anything.

To add users to your team, you’ll have to activate the Team Management feature first.

Name, update and delete custom reports

You can now give a name to each of your custom reports.

You can also update an existing report (causing it to be re-generated) and, of course, you can now delete a previously created report.

To create and manage custom reports, you’ll have to activate the Custom Reports first.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021
web v0.16.2 api v1.14.5
Maintenance Releases

Maintenance Releases

A series of small releases aimed at fixing everthing that we could find worth fixing or improving. This includes updates on the new SMS credits, notification updates, logging, translations, removing obsolete code and improving our test suite.

Fixes & Improvements

  • feat: SMS package acquisition (#123)
  • feat: add refresh credits button
  • fix: update slack notification username for release
  • fix: cannot enable any channel
  • fix: cannot load team in the SMS Feature page
  • fix: update Blog link
  • chore: translations feb 2021 (#121)
  • chore: update notify username
  • chore: delay loading of GTM

API Updates

  • feat: SMS Package acquisition (#418)
  • fix: sprinkler connectivity check before run (#463)
  • fix: ensure reset password is case-insensitive (#456)
  • fix: add only locations that were up to the sitemap (#454)
  • fix: refactor altruistic test to not rely on /emails/ (#446)
  • fix: trial users don’t get sms_credits (#453)
  • fix: free plan maintenance script (#452)
  • fix: custom reports - only list current user’s reports (#436)
  • fix: cannot rely on /emails/ routes in tests (#455)
  • fix: ConfirmMonitor has been attempted too many times or run too long (#460)
  • fix: non-ASCII SMS messages taking up 2-3 segments instead of 1 (#459)
  • fix MonthlyReportDriverTest.php
  • chore: updated dependencies (#465)
  • chore: remove Kohana migration code (#461)
  • chore: updated dependencies & introducing Logflare (#407)
  • chore: add slack notification when deploying master
  • chore: chore: notify Logflare on release
  • chore: add Slack notification on release
  • chore: change initial credit to 200
  • chore: batch logflare requests (#450)
  • docs: add wopher for homestead docs

Friday, February 19, 2021
web v0.15.1 api v1.13.0

Introducing SMS Packages

As I mentioned last year, we’ll be providing unlimited SMS alerts to all customers at no extra cost, even though we pay for them, up to the end of January 2021. As the end of January arrived and we assessed the situation, it turned out that about a third of the subscription payment is going to Twilio, which is not feasible.

This is why, starting Monday, February 22nd 2021, we’re introducing SMS Packages, which are in packs of 200 SMS alerts.

There is nothing to do at this point. For easy transition towards SMS credits, you will automatically start with 200 credits on Monday morning UTC. As you receive SMS alerts and your credits decrease, you will get a low SMS notification once your credits reaches 30. And another one when you run out of SMS alert credits.

You’ll be able to acquire SMS Packages straight from your Monitive account with no profit margin for us.

To recharge your SMS credits, go to the Features & Apps screen -> SMS Alerts -> Recharge.

API Updates

  • feat: email notification before Altruistic plan expires (#426)
  • feat: send SMS announcement to users who use SMS alerts (#434)
  • fix: cannot log in with an updated email (#440)
  • fix: double-check doesn’t consider custom locations (#439)
  • fix: added $timeout & $tries for Quicktest Job and handled MaxAttemptsExceededException for Quicktest Job
  • chore: add team ID in the weekly report footer (#430)
  • chore: update quicktest settings
  • chore: update phone call alert offer

Tuesday, February 16, 2021
api v1.12.0

Maintenance Release: Timeout outage fix

FIXED: Some websites that went down by timing out did not trigger an outage.

This happened because the double-check procedure was taking more than 80 seconds, and was therefore killed due to timing out. This caused some outages caused by timeouts to be missed.

This is now fixed so any monitored service that times out should now properly trigger and outage and dispatch alerts as configured.

API updates

  • feat: quicktest feature (#411 #423 #425)
  • feat: SmsMessage Component (#417)
  • chore: return joinedTeam attribute with registration response (#412)

Thursday, February 4, 2021
web 0.15.0 api v1.11.0
PDF Reports

PDF Reports

You can now generate custom PDF reports that you can download, archive or send to your auditor and customers.

Next to the HTML button in the Reports listing, you now have a PDF button that will open the equivalent report in PDF format.

Other improvements and fixes

  • feat: add PDF button to reports that have a PDF variant (#120)
  • feat: add powered by stripe and wire transfer info (#119)
  • chore: convert tracking from GA to GTM dataLayer
  • chore: remove NProgress for now

API updates

  • feat: PDF generation for custom reports (#369)
  • chore: updated dependencies (#401)
  • chore: removed unused file imports (#405)
  • docs: swagger API Calls Docs Update (#388)
  • fix: incorrect year is being displayed in the subject of Monthly reports (#409)
  • fix: sending delayed alerts when monitor is disabled (#406)
  • update Tax ID countries with the missing 8 (fixes #393)
  • chore: updated dependencies (#391)

Wednesday, January 27, 2021
web v0.14.0
Enable or disable monitors from the list

Enable or disable monitors from the list

A useful UX improvement is the ability to enable or disable monitors directly from the monitors list, on landscape tablets and desktop. This way, when you need to disable or enable several monitors, it’s just a matter of click-click-click-click and you’re done.

Also added nice tooltips to the actions to make it clear on what each one does.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021
web v0.13.0
New Help screen and monitoring locations list

New Help screen and monitoring locations list

The Help screen has been redone, in a more useful and organized manner.

Added the monitoring locations list, so if you have any firewalls set up and you want to whitelist Monitive IPs to be able to check your services, this list included IP, location and current status (enabled or not).

The Feedback Forum & Report a Bug links in the Account menu are now sections in the Help screen.

You’ll also find ways to get in touch with us, via Whatsapp, Telegram or email.

We hope you find the Help screen helpful, and if you have any suggestions on how to further improve it, please let us know.

Other improvements and fixes

  • update onboarding screens (#113)
  • chore: remove monitive classic support (#117)

Saturday, January 16, 2021
web 0.12.1 api v1.10.1
Refresh PagerDuty Integration

Refresh PagerDuty Integration

We had a loophole in the PagerDuty integration, where if you added more services in PagerDuty after connecting it to Monitive, you couldn’t bring in the new PagerDuty services without loosing the configuration.

Now you can go to the PagerDuty integration screen and click Refresh Connection to go through the authorization again and get the new services into Monitive.

Other improvements and fixes

  • fix: “Check you text” typo
  • chore: Spanish translations update (#89)
  • chore(deps): bump axios from 0.18.1 to 0.21.1 (#106)

API updates

  • feat: add ability to refresh feature settings (#384)
  • feat: create incident when firstState is DOWN (#365)
  • feat: automatic review invitation (#371)
  • feat: aggregate a list of user’s domains (#380)
  • fix: WopherRequestFailedException to handle failure and turn off location (#361)
  • fix: Serialization of ‘Closure’ is not allowed (#376)
  • fix: negative team availability (#382)
  • chore: updated dependencies (#367)
  • chore: remove package.json
  • docs: added wopher setup instructions (#381)

Wednesday, December 30, 2020
web 0.11.0 api v1.9.0
Custom Uptime Reports

Custom Uptime Reports

You can no create customized uptime reports, for any set of monitors and any particular time frame.

Enable the Custom Reports feature from your Features & Apps screen to enable access to previously sent weekly and monthly reports, and to be able to generate new, custom reports.

Other improvements and fixes

  • feat: new feature: Custom Reports (#102)
  • feat: show API error message when re-inviting an existing invited user
  • feat: members cannot manage features
  • feat: hide Subscription from team members
  • feat: explain account delete
  • feat: revoke invitation and remove user confirm (#101)
  • docs: add PagerDuty instructions link
  • fix: style the new feature popup
  • chore: comment out unused call
  • chore: finalize custom reports (#105)

API updates

  • feat: implement new Custom Reports feature (#362)
  • feat: deny subscription-related requests to member users (#360)
  • feat: attach user when inviting user with no team (#354)
  • feat: phone clearing side-effects (#364)
  • test: rename file to be according to class
  • fix: undefined index: w8-sg-lnd in Workload (#363)
  • chore: enable custom-reports feature