New features, fixes and improvements to the Monitive uptime monitoring service.

Maintenance Release v1.33.1 v0.37.1

This release is addressing some issues that we had to fix and also cleaning up our code by removing some components that have been retired.

API v1.33.1 Updates


  • Secondary email confirmation message, when a user signed up but didn't confirm their email (#813)
  • SMS reminder that an account doesn't have its email confirmed and will be deleted (#813)


  • Subscribe to newsletter updates only when the user confirms the email (#815)


  • Legacy alerting system and it's components from before Recipients were introduced (#791)


  • Updated composer packages (#814)

Admin v0.37.1


  • Display different message if editing another user's core recipient (#331)


  • Storybook JS library (#329)


  • Update node packages (#315, #328, #330)

Phone number verification

With this release, we're enabling signups again, so if you've been waiting to get your Monitive account, now is the time.

We've taken several steps towards ensuring that all signups in our system are valid, by verifying phone numbers when signing up for free accounts, and also when updating an account's phone number.

Besides this, we squashed a few bugs 🐛 to make your experience even better.

Admin v0.37.0 Updates


  • Phone verification via SMS code on profile phone number update (#317)
  • Phone verification for Free account signups (#316)
  • Validation and help links to the add/edit recipient dialog (#305)


  • Friendly message when a Free account is trying to enable an optional feature (#322)
  • Availability chart tooltip which was showing single-digit minutes in the wrong format (#323)
  • Validation error on the Profile edit page when changing only one of Silent hour start or stop and then trying to update (#321)

API v1.33.0 Updates


  • Require verified phone number for Free accounts (#769)
  • Refuse to update profile with unverified phone number (#760)


  • Updated stripe subscription ID used in phpunit tests (#812)


  • Updated dependencies (#806)

Maintenance Release v1.32.0

This is a stability and security update involving several packages upgrades and bugfixes. Starting with this release, we've started a series of updates targeting confirming accounts (including emails and alerting options). More about this soon.

API v1.32.0 Updates


  • Email confirmation date is now stored in the database for each user (#777, #781, #804)
  • Validation of recipients on add/update (#700), now a user cannot add a recipient if it's invalid (such as letters for a phone number)


  • Prevent multiple alert rules for the same recipient & monitor (#775)
  • Updating an alerting rule was causing errors with ongoing delayed outages (#538)
  • HTTP URL monitor validation was not allowing port-based URLs (#766)
  • Week calculation in tests for SaaS metrics (#771)
  • Test suites that didn't fit in memory (#768)


  • Updates channel names, removing the "New" keyword and other markings that were use in the migration to Recipients (#758)


  • Updated composer packages (#801, #802, #798, #793, #790, #789, #788, #787, #783, #782, #780, #770, #767)

Maintenance Release v1.31.4

This is a stability and security update.

API v1.31.4 Updates


  • When failing to create a short URL for and SMS alert, send the SMS alert without the short link. (#751)


  • (internal) API tests and unit tests take less than 15 minutes to run (#752).


  • Updated composer packages (#750, #753, #759, #761)

Maintenance Release v1.31.3

This is mainly a security update, plus two minor updates.

API v1.31.3 Updates


  • Allow team owner to revoke an invitation issued by a team member (#744)


  • Migrate to a new Movalio account for the email automations & newsletters (#749)


  • Updated composer packages (#743, #745)

Maintenance Release v1.31.2

A few back-end updates of packages, to get safely through the holidays.

API v1.31.2 Updates


  • Updated composer packages (#736, #738, #739, #740)

Maintenance Release v0.36.3

This is a set of small fixes, addressing issues that were around for a while.

Admin v0.36.3 Updates


  • Avoided redundant navigation to current location, error thrown when clicking on the logo on the Dashboard page (#301)
  • Check for dataLayer existence when firing GTM (#296)
  • If user loads the app but doesn't have a team/account, notify via Snackbar message, sign out, and redirect to sign-in (#299)
  • Null item check in the Outages list was throwing (#298)

Admin v0.36.2 Updates


  • Demo account login was triggering an error due to the fact that the user is no more available when the user clicked Start Monitoring (#295)

Admin v0.36.1 Updates


  • Google Analytics even when the user signs up from the Demo Account (#294)

Demo Account release

Starting today, any visitor of can automatically sign into a demo account and see what Monitive is all about.

Check it out –

API v1.31.1 Updates


  • Read-only users should be able to list the Status Pages (#734)


  • Updated composer packages (#732)

Admin v0.36.0 Updates


  • Demo Account automatic logs the user out and into the demo account (#289, #290, #291, #292)

Demo account support

The new feature in this release is support for a read-only demo account, where a visitor of can access with just one click. This is an active, live account, monitoring several websites, where any user can get a feel of how Monitive looks and works.

Besides the demo account support, these two releases include fixes for several issues in our system. Our first and foremost focus is on providing a stable and reliable system, therefore any bugs found have priority compared to other features.

API v1.31.0 Updates


  • support for a demo account with live monitors (#722)


  • Prevent monitor Phone Call and SMS alert settings to be cleared on edit profile (#731)
  • Phone Call test alert sends the recovery alert twice (#726)
  • Set up InfluxDB subscription stream on monitive:setup  (#728)
  • "Message object class Unknown" errors (#729)

API v1.30.1 Updates (Maintenance Release)


  • Silent hours condition check fixed (#724)
  • "Cannot use object of type App\Models\Check as array" error (#717)
  • "Illegal operator and value combination" error in quicktests (#718)
  • Changed file name for send-test TwiML content (#714)
  • Phone Call channel test alerts (#713)
  • "Undefined variable: TwiMLFilePath" error (#711)


  • Update composer packages (#723, #716)

Admin v0.35.1 Updates (Maintenance release)


  • API Docs link (#285)

Quick-test Improvements

These releases bring some under-the-hood improvements and fixes to quick-tests, alerting system, custom reports and user management.

API v1.30.0 Updates


  • Calculate percentile & top percentile for any quicktest executed (#690)


  • Skipping Twilio alert during Silent Hours generates error (#683)
  • Email validation errors might prevent user to sign up (#689)
  • Within a team, custom reports having same time period but different monitors are being overwritten (#697)


  • Delete associated invitations when User deletes profile (#698)
  • Free plan users should not be able to enable optional features (#699)


  • Updated composer packages (#695, #703)

API v1.30.1 Updates


  • Changed file name for send-test TwiML content to prevent conflicting reports (#714)
  • Channel-phonecall test alerts (#713)
  • Undefined variable: TwiMLFilePath issue displayed in the interface when user is trying to do a test alert for Phone Calls (#711)

Webhook alerts migrated to recipients

Starting today, the webhook alerts are manageable from the Recipients screen, along with all the other alert types.

API v1.29.0 Updates


  • Webhook alerts migrated to recipients via notifications system (#662)
  • Webhook request structure changed (BREAKING CHANGE)


  • Added internal logging to investigate check misfires patterns (#688)


  • Updated composer packages (#687, #682)

API v1.29.1 Updates


  • attempt to de-duplicate webhook recipients (#694)


  • Mailchimp integration replaced with Movalio (#678)

API v1.29.2 Updates


  • Webhook structure reverted to the original one (#702)

Admin v0.35.0


  • Webhook alerts are now managed from the Recipients screen (#277)

SMS & Phone Call Alerts as Recipients

This release migrates the SMS and Phone Call alerting settings from a monitor, from being user-bound to being managed in the Recipients screen.

Now you can add as many SMS and Phone Call recipients you need, and set them up as alerting recipients on any of your monitors.

Admin v0.33.2 Updates


  • SMS and Phone call alerts are now defined and managed in Recipients (#266)
  • the Get Started screen Pro description now shows the "15 days free trial" at the top (#275)


  • update SMS channel for signup verification (#273)

API v1.28.1 Updates


  • New channel-sms and channel-phonecall notification-style features and alerts (#626)
  • Sync recipients when a user joins a team (#668)
  • Enable channel-sms and channel-phonecall features trialing users (#671)


  • creation of legacy alert rules on sign up (#666)


  • Update composer packages (#682, #665)

Website requirement for Free Signups

This release adds the website input box in the Forever free signup page. Previously you could sign up without a website, which resulted in many accounts created without anything to monitor. Since Monitive is only useful when it monitors something, we're now requiring a website for the free account signup.

Admin v0.32.0


  • Website input field when signing up for a free account (#259)

API v1.27.0 Updates


  • Website in the sign-up for free request (#659)
  • Validation for the POST /monitors/test request (#660)
  • Custom validation messages for first name, phone number, website (#658)


  • Delay when deleting an account - now when you delete your account, it is immediatelly removed along with all its data (#657)


  • Update composer packages (#661)

Fix Email alert selection in add/edit monitor

Admin v0.31.1


  • When Team Management is enabled, the Add/Edit Monitor screen should only display the Recipients dropdown for email alerts, without the Users dropdown (#261)

Update detach/delete User and Team

API v1.26.1


  • Removing the Team Management feature doesn't remove recipients (#642)
  • Removing a User from a Team doesn't remove its recipients (#642)

PagerDuty recipient alerts

This release migrates our PagerDuty integration to the recipients system, allowing Monitive Pro users to add as many PagerDuty services as they wish by just copy/pasting the Integration Key from the desired services from PagerDuty.

Admin v0.31.0 Release Updates


  • Links for pushover, slack, telegram guides to their feature dialogs (#249)
  • Footer links to support, status pages and added version number (#255)
  • Support for notification-style PagerDuty alert rules (#242)
  • Email alert channel info in the Features section (#247)
  • Message when cannot resume monitor because user reached the maximum active monitors count (#253)
  • Top navigation links to and Sign In on the Get Started Screen (#256)


  • Moved CTAs on the Get Started screen above the fold (#258)


  • Swap custom reports date from/to if they are in the wrong order (#250)
  • Enable editing of non-core email recipients (#251)
  • Enable users to remove non-core email recipients (#245)
  • Footer version having double 'v'

API v1.26.0 Release Updates


  • PagerDuty notification alerts (#608)
  • Limit to the URL length for quicktests to 1024 chars (#644)


  • Email CTA button color from turquoise to brand pink (#653 #637)


  • Package dependencies update (#650)

Send outage alerts to arbitrary emails

This has been long due: ability to send alerts to arbitrary emails. Until now, you had to enable the Team Management feature, and to create users for each email address that you want to send alerts to.

No more. Now, just head out to the Recipients screen and add as many Email alert recipients you need to.

You can also send test alerts to your email recipients, to see how they look like:

And, last but not least, you can now edit any monitor and select any or all of the email recipients you previously created:

Admin updates

  • Added new Email* channel (#213)
  • Added plan pricing and benefits on the Get Started screen at (#227 #229)
  • Changed join team sign-up screen, removing the phone number requirement
  • Fixed issue preventing free users from enabling email alerts (#233)

API updates

  • Added sync user recipients console commands, allowing us to sync recipients on all teams & users (#629)
  • Added email channel signup and downgrade support, to not remove the email channel (#622)
  • Changed Email New to Email* (#632)
  • Security update of packages & dependencies (#625)

Availability heat-map for 24h, 30d, 1y

We revamped the availability charts you're seeing for each monitor. You can now spot patterns when you're looking at a monitor's availability.

The chart card has 3 views, one for the last 30 days, one for the last 24 hours and one for the last year.

It's much more easier to see how your monitor behaved in the past day, month or year now. Also, for the 30 days view, each column is split in 24 hours so if your website tends to go out at night, you'll see it on the chart.

The availability percentage is now displayed on hover over the (i) next to the downtime in minutes:

The yearly view helps see the long-term availability of a certain monitor, very useful especially to compare or just find out how much downtime did it have in the past year:

Each bar is a month, and for each month you have the daily breakdown, basically you easily get availability information for all the 365 days in the past year.

Admin Updates

  • Added heat-map availability charts for monitor, with 24-hours, 30 days and 1 year views (#215)
  • Fixed edit monitor loading error on unknown team channel, mainly useful for migrating to the new alerting channels (#217)

API Updates

  • Added request to retrieve monitor's chart-friendly availability data (#565)
  • Added support for Email outage/recovery alerts via Notifications (#593)
  • Added test SMS credits + Tax Rates product creation to Stripe test-data setup command, useful for Continuous Deployment and testing (#610)
  • Fixed raw availability request can't handle ISO date strings (#603)
  • Fixed use state attribute for hires data (#601)
  • Fixed handle subscription() not found case, when we cannot find the corresponding Stripe subscription (#621)
  • Fixed end of hour selection for hi-res precision in the availability charts (#614)
  • Fixed test error "partial write: points beyond retention policy dropped=1" (#607)
  • Fixed call to tax rates creation method (#612)
  • Security update of dependencies (#599)

Test Recipient Results

When you've just added a new recipient and you're testing it (via the pencil icon), it's all sunshine and rainbows if you receive the test alert.

But if you don't, and we're getting any error back from the notification gateway driver, you'll see a nice dialog with the actual error message from the driver, quick tips on what to check and a link to the complete guide.

Admin Updates

  • Added promo code input option in the Plan screen.
  • Added failed recipient test screen with error message, useful tips and links.
  • Removed invitation code from the sign up screen and related bonus features.

API Updates

  • Added promo code support
  • Removed invitation and bonus features.

Increased monitor name limit

Mostly a maintenance release but the most notable fact is that the name of a monitor was limited to 30 characters, and now it is increased to 100 characters.

Admin Updates

  • Changed monitor name limit from 30 characters to 100 characters #103

Core/API Updates

  • Fixed 404 errors in the logs from FirstPromoter when user signed up without affiliate link #591
  • Fixed SaaS Metrics test #585
  • Fixed missing alert messages in Spanish #588
  • Security update of dependencies #582 #592

Pushover, Slack & Telegram Alert Notifications

This update brings plenty of novelty to Monitive, and especially a set of long-awaited features such as:

  • Push notification Outage / Recovery alerts via Pushover
  • Outage / Recovery alerts via Slack
  • Outage / Recovery alerts via Telegram
  • A unified place to manage alert recipients called "Recipients"
  • Test alert functionality, so you can check if any of the recipients configured are properly set up.

Admin Web App Updates

  • Added Recipients management screen, and Pushover integration #161
  • Added Ransom IT thank you message in the Monitors list #167
  • Added Telegram and Slack alerts #170
  • Added onboarding copy variation for free account sign ups #180
  • Changed some API attributes to camelCase #166
  • Changed Status Page feature copy
  • Changed billing page only requires VAT for EU countries #175
  • Removed changelog requests and box (not compatibile with the new website) #173)
  • Fixed status page monitors list ripple effect
  • Fixed Whatsapp support number
  • Fixed Recipients screen should only be visible if the user has manageable channels (such as Pushover)
  • Fixed chunk load fail errors when the older distribution files weren't available #176
  • Fixed monitor group dropdown edit page and add/edit validation feedback #171
  • Fixed Slack Webhook URL loading after setting it and before refreshing the page #181

API Updates

  • Added Homestead config files for easier development deployment
  • Added Test Pushover notification feature, allowing a user to check if Pushover notifications are properly set up #351
  • Added trigger so that remove Pushover feature will remove any configured Pushover alerting rules
  • Added automatic sync between user's email and phone number to new-style notifications #545
  • Added ability to sign up directly to the free Plan #554
  • Added saving payments and refunds into a local table (no payment details included) #509
  • Added Telegram outage/recovery alerts #559
  • Added Slack outage/recovery alerts #552
  • Added trigger to removed Status page feature to set pages to Private #576
  • Added update of FirstPromoter lead after Stripe customer is created #581
  • Fixed removing the phone number would cause an empty hash collision #564
  • Fixed duration of the daily retention policy from 85440 hours to 87648 hours (10 years and 2 days).
  • Fixed Status page availability chart wasn't including the oldest day, 90 days ago.
  • Fixed ThankYouListener to be queued (was sync) #579
  • Fixed pausing a monitor created a rogue incident (without end date) #549
  • Security update of package dependencies (composer update)

Status Pages

Status pages is a new Monitive feature that will be available to all Monitive Pro users soon. You will be able to create unlimited status pages for any combination of your monitors. We’re still testing it and tweaking it, and making it ready for everyone.

Besides the status page, many fixes and under-the-hood improvements were released.

Fixes & Improvements

  • feat: skip latency info & add view page links @dlucian (#163)
  • feat: enable users to revoke invitations they’ve sent @dlucian (#159)
  • feat: [NEW FEATURE] Manage status pages @dlucian (#156)
  • fix: API endpoint URL
  • fix: translation string indentation
  • fix: storage attribute at signup
  • fix: reports pagination @dlucian (#154)
  • fix: show second bonus if available @dlucian (#145)
  • fix: changelog news drop-in anchor not persisting on Safari @dlucian (#143)
  • fix: don’t show NaN when we don’t have latency data @dlucian (#141)
  • fix: show reason when cannot disable Team Management @dlucian (#140)
  • chore: save signup user source @dlucian (#150)

API Updates

  • feat: SaaS Metrics Report @harmandevp (#466)
  • feat: send email to team owner when webhook alert fails @harmandevp (#464)
  • feat: status page slug format validation message @harmandevp (#510)
  • feat: Status Page feature @dlucian (#482)
  • feat: flags hasResponseTimes and hasAutomaticIncidents update @harmandevp (#530)
  • feat: removes monitor settings from public response @harmandevp (#526)
  • feat: encrypts recipient sensitive data @harmandevp (#525)
  • feat: saves recipient_id via monitor POST/PATCH @harmandevp (#523)
  • feat: manage recipients @harmandevp (#501)
  • fix: don’t allow read-only team members to send regular member invitations @harmandevp (#479)
  • fix: confirm monitor timeout @dlucian (#488)
  • fix: update horizon to use 15 workers instead of 30 as it was causing memory issues #489
  • fix: skip throttle for the token generator @dlucian (#493)
  • fix: non-owner can only revoke the invitations that he/she sent @harmandevp (#506)
  • chore: optimize logging @dlucian (#494)
  • chore: update dependencies @harmandevp (#485)
  • chore: optimize logging @dlucian (#480)
  • chore: send announcement to users @harmandevp (#470)
  • chore: add team_id in the weekly report @dlucian (#481)
  • chore: send ERROR and above to slack channel #freyja
  • chore: save visitor source on signup @harmandevp (#498)
  • chore: creates new Ammolite bonus @harmandevp (#515)
  • chore: updated dependencies @harmandevp (#497, #511, #508, #500, #522)

Audit Tools

We bring two new audit-oriented features today that have been requested and are now fresh out of the oven, ready to use.

Read-only user role

You can now invite read-only users to your team, or you can change the current users to be read-only.

A read-only user cannot start, stop, delete, update or add monitors. It cannot acknowledge monitors, and can only add other read-only members to the team.

However, a read-only user can create and manage custom reports that he creates. Basically it has research rights in your team, but can’t touch anything.

To add users to your team, you’ll have to activate the Team Management feature first.

Name, update and delete custom reports

You can now give a name to each of your custom reports.

You can also update an existing report (causing it to be re-generated) and, of course, you can now delete a previously created report.

To create and manage custom reports, you’ll have to activate the Custom Reports first.

Maintenance Releases

This includes updates on the new SMS credits, notification updates, logging, translations, removing obsolete code and improving our test suite.

Fixes & Improvements

  • feat: SMS package acquisition (#123)
  • feat: add refresh credits button
  • fix: update slack notification username for release
  • fix: cannot enable any channel
  • fix: cannot load team in the SMS Feature page
  • fix: update Blog link
  • chore: translations feb 2021 (#121)
  • chore: update notify username
  • chore: delay loading of GTM

API Updates

  • feat: SMS Package acquisition (#418)
  • fix: sprinkler connectivity check before run (#463)
  • fix: ensure reset password is case-insensitive (#456)
  • fix: add only locations that were up to the sitemap (#454)
  • fix: refactor altruistic test to not rely on /emails/ (#446)
  • fix: trial users don’t get sms_credits (#453)
  • fix: free plan maintenance script (#452)
  • fix: custom reports - only list current user’s reports (#436)
  • fix: cannot rely on /emails/ routes in tests (#455)
  • fix: ConfirmMonitor has been attempted too many times or run too long (#460)
  • fix: non-ASCII SMS messages taking up 2-3 segments instead of 1 (#459)
  • fix MonthlyReportDriverTest.php
  • chore: updated dependencies (#465)
  • chore: remove Kohana migration code (#461)
  • chore: updated dependencies & introducing Logflare (#407)
  • chore: add slack notification when deploying master
  • chore: chore: notify Logflare on release
  • chore: add Slack notification on release
  • chore: change initial credit to 200
  • chore: batch logflare requests (#450)
  • docs: add wopher for homestead docs