Demo account support

Demo account support

The new feature in this release is support for a read-only demo account, where a visitor of can access with just one click. This is an active, live account, monitoring several websites, where any user can get a feel of how Monitive looks and works.

Besides the demo account support, these two releases include fixes for several issues in our system. Our first and foremost focus is on providing a stable and reliable system, therefore any bugs found have priority compared to other features.

API v1.31.0 Updates


  • support for a demo account with live monitors (#722)


  • Prevent monitor Phone Call and SMS alert settings to be cleared on edit profile (#731)
  • Phone Call test alert sends the recovery alert twice (#726)
  • Set up InfluxDB subscription stream on monitive:setup  (#728)
  • "Message object class Unknown" errors (#729)

API v1.30.1 Updates (Maintenance Release)


  • Silent hours condition check fixed (#724)
  • "Cannot use object of type App\Models\Check as array" error (#717)
  • "Illegal operator and value combination" error in quicktests (#718)
  • Changed file name for send-test TwiML content (#714)
  • Phone Call channel test alerts (#713)
  • "Undefined variable: TwiMLFilePath" error (#711)


  • Update composer packages (#723, #716)

Admin v0.35.1 Updates (Maintenance release)


  • API Docs link (#285)