Phone number verification

Phone number verification

With this release, we're enabling signups again, so if you've been waiting to get your Monitive account, now is the time.

We've taken several steps towards ensuring that all signups in our system are valid, by verifying phone numbers when signing up for free accounts, and also when updating an account's phone number.

Besides this, we squashed a few bugs 🐛 to make your experience even better.

Admin v0.37.0 Updates


  • Phone verification via SMS code on profile phone number update (#317)
  • Phone verification for Free account signups (#316)
  • Validation and help links to the add/edit recipient dialog (#305)


  • Friendly message when a Free account is trying to enable an optional feature (#322)
  • Availability chart tooltip which was showing single-digit minutes in the wrong format (#323)
  • Validation error on the Profile edit page when changing only one of Silent hour start or stop and then trying to update (#321)

API v1.33.0 Updates


  • Require verified phone number for Free accounts (#769)
  • Refuse to update profile with unverified phone number (#760)


  • Updated stripe subscription ID used in phpunit tests (#812)


  • Updated dependencies (#806)