New features, fixes and improvements to the Monitive uptime monitoring service.

Monday, December 14, 2020
web 0.9.5 api v1.6.1
Team Management policy updates

Team Management policy updates

Whenever there’s a team involved, things can easily go south.

This is a policy update with improvements on how a team is managed plus various fixes and updates to increase the system’s stability.

API updates

  • feat: added team-management remove handler (#340)
  • feat: enable Maintenance Window feature
  • feat: revoke team invitation, team users should not be able to remove team owner (#335)
  • feat: team member cannot enable/disable features (#338)
  • feat: deny removal of team-management feature if users still have access (#336)
  • chore: upgrade packages & lock PHP version on CI test suite (#341)
  • chore: handle no locations situation
  • chore: use constants for Wopher timeouts

Friday, December 11, 2020
web 0.9.5 api v1.5.0
New: Maintenance Window feature

New: Maintenance Window feature

Sometimes, downtime is intentional, even for Internet services. With the new Maintenance Window feature, you can set a time frame for any monitor, when you know you have maintenance work and it is likely to go down.

The maintenance time frame can be either daily, between certain times, or on a specific date and time.

Other improvements and fixes

  • feat: new feature Maintenance Window (#90)
  • feat: add ID to sign in form elements
  • fix: don’t duplicate alert-rules user on monitor save
  • fix: notify Bugsnag when importing fails
  • fix: use alert-rules rules only when enabled
  • docs: update maintenance window docs
  • fix: only load/dispatch load if we have an ID (#97)

API updates

  • feat: maintenance Window feature (#327)
  • feat: migrate TCP Port for Classic users (#334)
  • feat: enable Webhook channel and Team Management
  • fix: send monitor created event after migration

Thursday, December 10, 2020
web 0.8.1 api v1.4.2
TCP Port monitoring, Team Management, PagerDuty & Webhooks

TCP Port monitoring, Team Management, PagerDuty & Webhooks

Major update adding four new features to the new Monitive.

  • TCP Port Monitoring - monitor any public host/ip device in the world that accepts TCP connection on a port.
  • Team Management - invite users to your team, configure who to alert and when, for each individual monitor.
  • PagerDuty Integration - trigger events in your PagerDuty services whenever a monitored service goes down. See integration instructions for more details.
  • Webhooks - formerly known as HTTP POST Alerts, this feature allows you to configure an URL that we’ll HTTP POST to when a service is going down.

Other improvements and fixes

  • feat: New Webhook feature (#79)
  • feat: manage users screen (#52)
  • feat: TCP Port Monitoring (#84)
  • feat: PagerDuty integration (#81)
  • feat: allow multiple users on each alert rule
  • feat: specify service type in Classic migration list
  • fix: replace all tags & ensure textContent is string (#96)
  • fix: chunk load error (#93)
  • chore: update TCP port monitor description
  • docs: add Webhook feature description
  • fix: don’t show team management
  • docs: add Team Management feature intro & docs
  • fix: disable non free alert channels (#80)
  • set proper .gitattributes
  • update apple-touch-icon.png
  • update packages
  • fix: mobile monitors list to use new edit monitor
  • fix: account edit news fixes (#86)
  • add alert user validation
  • fix: replace all tags & ensure textContent is string (#96)

API updates

  • v1.4.2 Enable PagerDuty and TCP Port for the public
  • v1.4.1 CI force-seed Channels on deploy
  • v1.4.0 Webhooks, TCP Port, PagerDuty, Team Management
  • feat: add tcp_port check results support (#312)
  • feat: Webhook / HTTP POST Alert (#303)
  • feat: new PagerDuty integration (#318)
  • feat: invite a user to a team, list team users (existing and invited), deletes a team member (#147)
  • add rollback instructions
  • fix: release errors via Sprinkler missing interval (#311)
  • fix: update dispatching of down monitors (#313)
  • fix: remove Webhook channel alert rules when deactivating feature
  • fix: explicitly request ubuntu-18.04 (#316)
  • fix: handle tcp-port line-protocol entries
  • chore: renamed TcpportCheck class to TcpPortCheck (#315)
  • chore: add outlook email to beta users
  • chore: log to New Relic
  • chore: remove bugsnag (#330)
  • chore: set sprinkler skipping to debug

Wednesday, December 2, 2020
api v1.3.1
Check down monitors every minute

Check down monitors every minute

When you have the Custom Interval monitoring feature enabled, you can set your monitors to be monitored every 1, 5, 30 minutes or even 6 or 24 hours. But when such a monitored service goes down, if it’s not checked more often, you were getting inaccurate downtime information.

For example if we’re checking it every 30 minutes, and it goes down, we’ll check back in 30 minutes if it’s back up, even if it might have been just a 2 minutes outage.

We changed this so now when a monitor that has a > 1 minute interval is down, we’re checking it every minute until it’s back up. Then we’ll resume our normal checking schedule.

Other improvements and fixes

  • fix: alert rule channel ID validation of string IDs (#299)
  • chore: deactivate sending the second email confirmation notification (#307)

Tuesday, December 1, 2020
web v0.6.1
In-app news and updates

In-app news and updates

Since the news and updates page (formerly Changelog) is now up-to-date with everything that happens around the new Monitive, we’re also displaying the latest news in the Monitive web-app.

Whenever there’s something new, a thin alert will be displayed at the top of the interface, only on Desktop. In case you missed it, you can also see the last 5 updates on the Dashboard screen.

Other improvements and fixes

  • fix: properly display news description

Wednesday, November 25, 2020
web v0.5.1 api v1.3.0
PING Monitoring

PING Monitoring

PING Monitoring is now available for all Monitive Pro users, allowing you to easily monitor any Internet device that is reachable via PING.

Other improvements and fixes

  • add New Relic
  • fix: migration “Importing” message
  • fix: grouped latency factor / 1000

API updates

  • feat: verify email address at registration time (#287)
  • feat: enable ping for all users
  • feat: delete unconfirmed accounts after 3.5 days (#295)
  • chore: updated dependencies (#290)
  • fix: convert migrated ping timing to nanoseconds (#291)
  • chore: updated dependencies (#273)
  • chore: Show number of active subscriptions in the Daily Scoop (#280)
  • fix: Kohana monitors don’t have response_time5
  • fix: allow ping monitors to be migrated (#285)
  • fix: Kohana import date format
  • fix: validate date_modified and fallback to created
  • fix: create settings based on monitor type
  • fix: ping uptime reports & perfect week/month reports title (#281)
  • fix: Stripe\Exception\InvalidRequestException for non eu_vat tax ids (#286)
  • fix: ConfirmMonitor Trying to get property ‘id’ of non-object
  • fix: don’t log exception when ConfirmMonitor can’t lock (#279)

Monday, November 16, 2020
web v0.4.0 api v1.1.0
Six new HTTP features released

Six new HTTP features released

New HTTP monitoring features released today, wrapping up pretty much all the HTTP requirements for a powerful, flexible yet simple monitoring solution for HTTP and HTTPS monitoring. The following are now available:

  • HTTP Custom Status (such as 401, 404 etc.)
  • HTTP Custom Status monitoring (such as 404 or any other)
  • HTTP Custom Headers
  • HTTP Custom Method (such as POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE etc.) + body payload to send
  • Custom Timeout (1 to 30 seconds)
  • Custom Interval (1 minute to 24 hours)
  • Custom Locations

This allows you to monitor a plethora of HTTP services, from simple pages to API authentication requests or pretty much anything you might need.

New features

  • feat: Custom Locations feature (#64)
  • feat: add service type to mobile monitor card
  • feat: optimize mobile list loading
  • feat: compact monitor list header actions (mobile)
  • feat: Mobile compact monitors list (#69)
  • feat: show 25 monitors per page
  • feat: Custom Interval feature (#63)
  • feat: add custom timeout (#62)
  • feat: HTTP Custom Headers (#58)
  • feat: HTTP Custom Method (#56)
  • feat: Custom HTTP status feature (#46)
  • feat: add HTTP Status instructions
  • feat: show all features as coming soon if not available

Other improvements and fixes

  • fix: custom edit issues & simplify edit dialog (#68)
  • fix: add ping into
  • fix: null when we don’t have headers
  • fix: small chip on group tag (#70)
  • fix: don’t start Bugsnag if we don’t have a key
  • fix: show precision and scale according to service type
  • fix overall latency chart
  • fix: test without status code
  • fix: second fixing attempt
  • update cloudflare serving
  • don’t cache index.html
  • fix: Basic Auth copy
  • upgrade to Vue 2.3.14
  • chore: upgrade JS packages (#44)
  • docs: add useful resources
  • add event tracking and fix some issues (#48)

API updates

  • feat: enable new features for the public (#278)
  • feat: don’t allow Free plan users to save a monitor with non-email alert rules (#272)
  • feat: added TLSHandshake to results (metric9) (#225)
  • feat: custom check locations (#227)
  • feat: disable non-email alert rules for downgraded users (#247)
  • feat: retrieve a monitor’s custom locations (#250)
  • feat: remove HTTP Custom Status on feature deactivation (#258)
  • feat: reduce minimum timeout to 1 second (#263)
  • feat: feature removal listener handler for all implemented features (#262)
  • feat: mention free sms call alerts (#182)
  • feat: send failed jobs to Bugsnag (#183)
  • feat: added Ametrine bonus (#186)
  • fix: misleading Dispatching errors by Sprinkler (#277)
  • chore: updated dependencies (#268)
  • fix: add type tag when updating missing (#264)
  • chore: upgrade LineProtocol to handle measure9 (#198)
  • chore: updated dependencies (#217)
  • updated dependencies (#234)
  • fix: statusCode should be coming as numeric (#235)
  • fix: convert PING metrics to be usable (#223)
  • fix: validation error for /data/attributes/settings/statusCode & data.attributes.settings.keywordBody (#241)
  • fix: downgrade to free time fix (#242)
  • fix: set Ping metric1 as Average RTT (#244)
  • fix: all upgraded users are downgraded after the trial period (#248)
  • chore: updated dependencies (#257)
  • fix: changed Sprinkler runtime to 65s to fix AltThree\Locker\Exceptions\UnableToAcquireLockException (#206)
  • docs : added a view for the list of rendered emails for dev environment (#200)
  • chore: updated dependencies (#193)
  • fix: updated CTA in the trial expiration emails (#195)
  • chore: extended Sprinkler runtime to 90 seconds (#196)
  • chore: added generic BCC of Mailables being sent to customers (#197)
  • fix: phone number sender issue to +14******064 (#199)
  • fix: Sprinkler dispatching too many monitors per location (#180)
  • fix: configured custom $tries, $timeout for Jobs\Sprinkler (#181)
  • fix: update the “Sprinkler has no monitor to check for a specific interval” to info level.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020
web v0.2.5 api v0.9.5
Test monitor before save

Test monitor before save

Isn’t it frustrating to add a monitor just to see that your settings weren’t right and it will immediately be reported as down?

This feel like starting off on the wrong foot with either a new or even an older monitor, since the outage caused by the mismatched settings will go down in history.

The solution to this is a very useful Test button just next to the Save button which does exactly that: Checks the current monitor settings without updating them.

Other improvements and fixes

  • New: Show link to monitor URL.
  • New: Add support for adding PING monitors (beta).
  • New: Show a user if he’s on the free trial period and how many days he has left.
  • New: Show a warning if trying to add a monitor when account is at maximum monitors for the current plan.
  • New: Show if there’s a bonus available on the Plan page.

API updates

  • New: added ‘custom_check’ to ‘beta_only’ team features (#161)
  • Fix: remove sprinkler status check (#159)
  • Fix: restart PHP 7.3 after deploy
  • Fix: ping service outage/recovery alerts not send (#174)
  • Fix: enable testing and checking of the ping service type (#166)
  • Chore: update dependencies (#154)
  • Chore: updated Horizon assets by running php artisan horizon:publish (#155)
  • Chore: update dependencies (#173)
  • Chore: rename team features and add handlers (#164)
  • Refactor: Removed return statement from TeamsMonitorsController@all (#138)
  • Refactor: Changed Sprinkler console command to a scheduled task (#126)

Friday, August 28, 2020
web v0.2.0 api v0.9.0
Pronounceable name

Pronounceable name

This is a new feature for the monitors with names that are just unpronounceable in the English language, you can now set a pronounceable name. This way you will be sure you’ll understand right away what’s the outage alert phone call about.

Edit any monitor and scroll down to the Pronounceable Name input field to add a pronounceable name.

If you leave it empty, we’ll just use the monitor’s name.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Enabled the language selector (#31)
  • Added subscriptions and payments support (#5)
  • Detect and set country & timezone via CloudFlare and JS (#26)
  • Fixed: send proper ?include=team when deleting (#3)
  • Fixed: show Stripe error message if we receive one (#29)
  • Fixed: display VAT ID if user previously saved it (#28)
  • Fixed: show card saving feedback and allow user to update card (#27)
  • Fixed: adjust translations and styling for the feature cards
  • Fixed: align back arrow with title on secondary titles
  • Fixed: add/edit monitor dialog was confusing New vs Add
  • Fixed: show interface when refreshing the page in the Help section
  • Fixed: set password validation (#32)

API updates

  • Remove previous tax IDs when updating customer billing info
  • Add altruistic plan and get the actual plan a team is on
  • Added status_code setting to http Monitors
  • Generate user access token for technical support
  • Coupon support for teams
  • Manage bonuses
  • Fixed: don’t report authentication failures in the logs.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Spanish Monitive homepage

Spanish Monitive homepage

To better address our customers, we now have a Spanish version of the homepage, and we’re working on translating the web app as well.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Updated the GeoIP JS used preselect the country dropdown on Sign Up.
  • Fixed a sign-in issue showing “Something went wrong” instead of “Incorrect email or password”

API v0.8.9 Released

  • Migrated API backend from Lumen to Laravel.
  • add pronounceable attribute to the monitors, using it for call alerts pronounciation.