Pushover, Slack & Telegram Alert Notifications

API v1.21.1 Admin v0.22.1

Pushover, Slack & Telegram Alert Notifications

This update brings plenty of novelty to Monitive, and especially a set of long-awaited features such as:

  • Push notification Outage / Recovery alerts via Pushover
  • Outage / Recovery alerts via Slack
  • Outage / Recovery alerts via Telegram
  • A unified place to manage alert recipients called "Recipients"
  • Test alert functionality, so you can check if any of the recipients configured are properly set up.

Admin Web App Updates

  • Added Recipients management screen, and Pushover integration #161
  • Added Ransom IT thank you message in the Monitors list #167
  • Added Telegram and Slack alerts #170
  • Added onboarding copy variation for free account sign ups #180
  • Changed some API attributes to camelCase #166
  • Changed Status Page feature copy
  • Changed billing page only requires VAT for EU countries #175
  • Removed changelog requests and box (not compatibile with the new website) #173)
  • Fixed status page monitors list ripple effect
  • Fixed Whatsapp support number
  • Fixed Recipients screen should only be visible if the user has manageable channels (such as Pushover)
  • Fixed chunk load fail errors when the older distribution files weren't available #176
  • Fixed monitor group dropdown edit page and add/edit validation feedback #171
  • Fixed Slack Webhook URL loading after setting it and before refreshing the page #181

API Updates

  • Added Homestead config files for easier development deployment
  • Added Test Pushover notification feature, allowing a user to check if Pushover notifications are properly set up #351
  • Added trigger so that remove Pushover feature will remove any configured Pushover alerting rules
  • Added automatic sync between user's email and phone number to new-style notifications #545
  • Added ability to sign up directly to the free Plan #554
  • Added saving payments and refunds into a local table (no payment details included) #509
  • Added Telegram outage/recovery alerts #559
  • Added Slack outage/recovery alerts #552
  • Added trigger to removed Status page feature to set pages to Private #576
  • Added update of FirstPromoter lead after Stripe customer is created #581
  • Fixed removing the phone number would cause an empty hash collision #564
  • Fixed duration of the daily retention policy from 85440 hours to 87648 hours (10 years and 2 days).
  • Fixed Status page availability chart wasn't including the oldest day, 90 days ago.
  • Fixed ThankYouListener to be queued (was sync) #579
  • Fixed pausing a monitor created a rogue incident (without end date) #549
  • Security update of package dependencies (composer update)