PDF Reports

You can now generate custom PDF reports that you can download, archive or send to your auditor and customers.

PDF Reports

Next to the HTML button in the Reports listing, you now have a PDF button that will open the equivalent report in PDF format.

Other improvements and fixes

  • feat: add PDF button to reports that have a PDF variant (#120)
  • feat: add powered by stripe and wire transfer info (#119)
  • chore: convert tracking from GA to GTM dataLayer
  • chore: remove NProgress for now

API updates

  • feat: PDF generation for custom reports (#369)
  • chore: updated dependencies (#401)
  • chore: removed unused file imports (#405)
  • docs: swagger API Calls Docs Update (#388)
  • fix: incorrect year is being displayed in the subject of Monthly reports (#409)
  • fix: sending delayed alerts when monitor is disabled (#406)
  • update Tax ID countries with the missing 8 (fixes #393)
  • chore: updated dependencies (#391)