Introducing SMS Packages

As I mentioned last year, we’ll be providing unlimited SMS alerts to all customers at no extra cost, even though we pay for them, up to the end of January 2021.

Introducing SMS Packages

As the end of January arrived and we assessed the situation, it turned out that about a third of the subscription payment is going to Twilio, which is not feasible.

This is why, starting Monday, February 22nd 2021, we’re introducing SMS Packages, which are in packs of 200 SMS alerts.

There is nothing to do at this point. For easy transition towards SMS credits, you will automatically start with 200 credits on Monday morning UTC. As you receive SMS alerts and your credits decrease, you will get a low SMS notification once your credits reaches 30. And another one when you run out of SMS alert credits.

You’ll be able to acquire SMS Packages straight from your Monitive account with no profit margin for us.

To recharge your SMS credits, go to the Features & Apps screen -> SMS Alerts -> Recharge.

API Updates

  • feat: email notification before Altruistic plan expires (#426)
  • feat: send SMS announcement to users who use SMS alerts (#434)
  • fix: cannot log in with an updated email (#440)
  • fix: double-check doesn’t consider custom locations (#439)
  • fix: added $timeout & $tries for Quicktest Job and handled MaxAttemptsExceededException for Quicktest Job
  • chore: add team ID in the weekly report footer (#430)
  • chore: update quicktest settings
  • chore: update phone call alert offer