Maintenance Releases

A series of small releases aimed at fixing everything that we could find worth fixing or improving.

Maintenance Releases

This includes updates on the new SMS credits, notification updates, logging, translations, removing obsolete code and improving our test suite.

Fixes & Improvements

  • feat: SMS package acquisition (#123)
  • feat: add refresh credits button
  • fix: update slack notification username for release
  • fix: cannot enable any channel
  • fix: cannot load team in the SMS Feature page
  • fix: update Blog link
  • chore: translations feb 2021 (#121)
  • chore: update notify username
  • chore: delay loading of GTM

API Updates

  • feat: SMS Package acquisition (#418)
  • fix: sprinkler connectivity check before run (#463)
  • fix: ensure reset password is case-insensitive (#456)
  • fix: add only locations that were up to the sitemap (#454)
  • fix: refactor altruistic test to not rely on /emails/ (#446)
  • fix: trial users don’t get sms_credits (#453)
  • fix: free plan maintenance script (#452)
  • fix: custom reports - only list current user’s reports (#436)
  • fix: cannot rely on /emails/ routes in tests (#455)
  • fix: ConfirmMonitor has been attempted too many times or run too long (#460)
  • fix: non-ASCII SMS messages taking up 2-3 segments instead of 1 (#459)
  • fix MonthlyReportDriverTest.php
  • chore: updated dependencies (#465)
  • chore: remove Kohana migration code (#461)
  • chore: updated dependencies & introducing Logflare (#407)
  • chore: add slack notification when deploying master
  • chore: chore: notify Logflare on release
  • chore: add Slack notification on release
  • chore: change initial credit to 200
  • chore: batch logflare requests (#450)
  • docs: add wopher for homestead docs