Status Pages

Status Pages

Status pages is a new Monitive feature that will be available to all Monitive Pro users soon. You will be able to create unlimited status pages for any combination of your monitors. We’re still testing it and tweaking it, and making it ready for everyone.

Besides the status page, many fixes and under-the-hood improvements were released.

Fixes & Improvements

  • feat: skip latency info & add view page links @dlucian (#163)
  • feat: enable users to revoke invitations they’ve sent @dlucian (#159)
  • feat: [NEW FEATURE] Manage status pages @dlucian (#156)
  • fix: API endpoint URL
  • fix: translation string indentation
  • fix: storage attribute at signup
  • fix: reports pagination @dlucian (#154)
  • fix: show second bonus if available @dlucian (#145)
  • fix: changelog news drop-in anchor not persisting on Safari @dlucian (#143)
  • fix: don’t show NaN when we don’t have latency data @dlucian (#141)
  • fix: show reason when cannot disable Team Management @dlucian (#140)
  • chore: save signup user source @dlucian (#150)

API Updates

  • feat: SaaS Metrics Report @harmandevp (#466)
  • feat: send email to team owner when webhook alert fails @harmandevp (#464)
  • feat: status page slug format validation message @harmandevp (#510)
  • feat: Status Page feature @dlucian (#482)
  • feat: flags hasResponseTimes and hasAutomaticIncidents update @harmandevp (#530)
  • feat: removes monitor settings from public response @harmandevp (#526)
  • feat: encrypts recipient sensitive data @harmandevp (#525)
  • feat: saves recipient_id via monitor POST/PATCH @harmandevp (#523)
  • feat: manage recipients @harmandevp (#501)
  • fix: don’t allow read-only team members to send regular member invitations @harmandevp (#479)
  • fix: confirm monitor timeout @dlucian (#488)
  • fix: update horizon to use 15 workers instead of 30 as it was causing memory issues #489
  • fix: skip throttle for the token generator @dlucian (#493)
  • fix: non-owner can only revoke the invitations that he/she sent @harmandevp (#506)
  • chore: optimize logging @dlucian (#494)
  • chore: update dependencies @harmandevp (#485)
  • chore: optimize logging @dlucian (#480)
  • chore: send announcement to users @harmandevp (#470)
  • chore: add team_id in the weekly report @dlucian (#481)
  • chore: send ERROR and above to slack channel #freyja
  • chore: save visitor source on signup @harmandevp (#498)
  • chore: creates new Ammolite bonus @harmandevp (#515)
  • chore: updated dependencies @harmandevp (#497, #511, #508, #500, #522)