TCP Port monitoring, Team Management, PagerDuty & Webhooks

Major update adding four new features to the new Monitive.

TCP Port monitoring, Team Management, PagerDuty & Webhooks

This update adds the following to Monitive:

  • TCP Port Monitoring - monitor any public host/ip device in the world that accepts TCP connection on a port.
  • Team Management - invite users to your team, configure who to alert and when, for each individual monitor.
  • PagerDuty Integration - trigger events in your PagerDuty services whenever a monitored service goes down. See integration instructions for more details.
  • Webhooks - formerly known as HTTP POST Alerts, this feature allows you to configure an URL that we’ll HTTP POST to when a service is going down.

Other improvements and fixes

  • feat: New Webhook feature (#79)
  • feat: manage users screen (#52)
  • feat: TCP Port Monitoring (#84)
  • feat: PagerDuty integration (#81)
  • feat: allow multiple users on each alert rule
  • feat: specify service type in Classic migration list
  • fix: replace all tags & ensure textContent is string (#96)
  • fix: chunk load error (#93)
  • chore: update TCP port monitor description
  • docs: add Webhook feature description
  • fix: don’t show team management
  • docs: add Team Management feature intro & docs
  • fix: disable non free alert channels (#80)
  • set proper .gitattributes
  • update apple-touch-icon.png
  • update packages
  • fix: mobile monitors list to use new edit monitor
  • fix: account edit news fixes (#86)
  • add alert user validation
  • fix: replace all tags & ensure textContent is string (#96)

API updates

  • v1.4.2 Enable PagerDuty and TCP Port for the public
  • v1.4.1 CI force-seed Channels on deploy
  • v1.4.0 Webhooks, TCP Port, PagerDuty, Team Management
  • feat: add tcp_port check results support (#312)
  • feat: Webhook / HTTP POST Alert (#303)
  • feat: new PagerDuty integration (#318)
  • feat: invite a user to a team, list team users (existing and invited), deletes a team member (#147)
  • add rollback instructions
  • fix: release errors via Sprinkler missing interval (#311)
  • fix: update dispatching of down monitors (#313)
  • fix: remove Webhook channel alert rules when deactivating feature
  • fix: explicitly request ubuntu-18.04 (#316)
  • fix: handle tcp-port line-protocol entries
  • chore: renamed TcpportCheck class to TcpPortCheck (#315)
  • chore: add outlook email to beta users
  • chore: log to New Relic
  • chore: remove bugsnag (#330)
  • chore: set sprinkler skipping to debug