New features, fixes and improvements to the Monitive uptime monitoring service.

Spanish Monitive homepage

Other improvements and fixes

  • Updated the GeoIP JS used preselect the country dropdown on Sign Up.
  • Fixed a sign-in issue showing “Something went wrong” instead of “Incorrect email or password”

API v0.8.9 Released

  • Migrated API backend from Lumen to Laravel.
  • add pronounceable attribute to the monitors, using it for call alerts pronounciation.

Migration Issue Fixed

This is now fixed.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added redirect to Monitive Classic status pages.
  • Fixed a logging issue with Mailchimp’s event sending.
  • Added Sign in link on Monitive’s homepage header.

Monitive `Freyja` Official Launch

There are a lot of great updates coming up in the next months and we’re excited to get your feedback on the new Monitive, so please add your suggestions or feedback in the Feedback Forum.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Changed response time measurement from milliseconds to seconds.
  • Added “Last 30 Days” above the Uptime and Response time charts.
  • Changed the homepage with the new Monitive.
  • Moved the old monitive homepage to
  • Added onboarding screens for accounts less than 7 days old.
  • Added links in the new homepage’s footer to Monitive Classic Homepage and Monitive Classic Admin account.

Migration Tool from Monitive Classic accounts

Other improvements and fixes

  • Updated the mobile bottom navigation bar and fixed navigation bar height / position in mobile full-screen mode.
  • Fixed weekly & monthly uptime report - overall availability percentage, it was not taking into account the number of monitors, resulting in lower than actual availability %.
  • Fixed report heading when the availability was 100%.

Articulated call alerts via Amazon Polly

Long story short, we’re now using Amazon Polly to generate naturally-sounding alert calls using Joanna’s Neural voice.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Fixed desktop Incidents table in the View Monitor page not showing duration nor outage end date/time;
  • Updated the duration in all the outages display to a human-readable format (hours, minutes, seconds);
  • Updated the reports header to be consistent with the brand;

Group Monitors

You also get aggregated availability and response time for each group of monitors.

If you want it, just head out to Features & Apps in your Account / Profile menu, and enabled it. After that, on the edit / add monitor page you can create or select a group.

Other improvements and fixes

  • The Features & Apps page has been polished.
  • Various card styling was updated for consistency.
  • The edit / delete icons in the desktop list of monitors were too small.
  • Phone call outage alerts were enabled for the following countries: Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Switzerland, Malaysia, Thailand;

Mobile Progressive Web App (PWA)

The advantage is that you’re always logged in, it automatically refreshes when an update is available and it is going to be packaged in mobile app that will be available in the App Store / Play Store later this year.

Other improvements and fixes

  • User profile could not be updated when the signup email was longer than 30 characters.
  • The UK flag was missing in the Recent Checks card.
  • Phone call alerts to Mexico failed due to Twilio Geo permissions mismatch.
  • PWA refresh was broken.