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Mon Dec 14, 2020
web 0.9.5 api v1.6.1

Team Management policy updates

Team Management policy updates

Whenever there’s a team involved, things can easily go south.

This is a policy update with improvements on how a team is managed plus various fixes and updates to increase the system’s stability.

API updates

  • feat: added team-management remove handler (#340)
  • feat: enable Maintenance Window feature
  • feat: revoke team invitation, team users should not be able to remove team owner (#335)
  • feat: team member cannot enable/disable features (#338)
  • feat: deny removal of team-management feature if users still have access (#336)
  • chore: upgrade packages & lock PHP version on CI test suite (#341)
  • chore: handle no locations situation
  • chore: use constants for Wopher timeouts