Custom Uptime Reports

You can no create customized uptime reports, for any set of monitors and any particular time frame.

Custom Uptime Reports

Enable the Custom Reports feature from your Features & Apps screen to enable access to previously sent weekly and monthly reports, and to be able to generate new, custom reports.

Other improvements and fixes

  • feat: new feature: Custom Reports (#102)
  • feat: show API error message when re-inviting an existing invited user
  • feat: members cannot manage features
  • feat: hide Subscription from team members
  • feat: explain account delete
  • feat: revoke invitation and remove user confirm (#101)
  • docs: add PagerDuty instructions link
  • fix: style the new feature popup
  • chore: comment out unused call
  • chore: finalize custom reports (#105)

API updates

  • feat: implement new Custom Reports feature (#362)
  • feat: deny subscription-related requests to member users (#360)
  • feat: attach user when inviting user with no team (#354)
  • feat: phone clearing side-effects (#364)
  • test: rename file to be according to class
  • fix: undefined index: w8-sg-lnd in Workload (#363)
  • chore: enable custom-reports feature