PING Monitoring

PING Monitoring is now available for all Monitive Pro users.

PING Monitoring

This allows you to easily monitor any Internet device that is reachable via PING.

Other improvements and fixes

  • add New Relic
  • fix: migration “Importing” message
  • fix: grouped latency factor / 1000

API updates

  • feat: verify email address at registration time (#287)
  • feat: enable ping for all users
  • feat: delete unconfirmed accounts after 3.5 days (#295)
  • chore: updated dependencies (#290)
  • fix: convert migrated ping timing to nanoseconds (#291)
  • chore: updated dependencies (#273)
  • chore: Show number of active subscriptions in the Daily Scoop (#280)
  • fix: Kohana monitors don’t have response_time5
  • fix: allow ping monitors to be migrated (#285)
  • fix: Kohana import date format
  • fix: validate date_modified and fallback to created
  • fix: create settings based on monitor type
  • fix: ping uptime reports & perfect week/month reports title (#281)
  • fix: Stripe\Exception\InvalidRequestException for non eu_vat tax ids (#286)
  • fix: ConfirmMonitor Trying to get property ‘id’ of non-object
  • fix: don’t log exception when ConfirmMonitor can’t lock (#279)