Weekly and Monthly Reporting Preferences

Each week we’re sending an uptime report to the team owner with the previous week statistics including uptime, downtime and response time.

Weekly and Monthly Reporting Preferences

We’re doing the same every month on the 1st, for the previous month.

If you don’t need these, you can now disable them in your User Profile screen. They’re enabled by default, so if you want these, there’s nothing to do.

Other improvements and fixes

  • feat: add weekly/monthly reports support
  • feat: allow phone number update/removal
  • fix: handle user with no team
  • fix: only update attributes that have been modified

API updates

  • feat: only add owner users to marketing onboarding (#344)
  • feat: don’t list invitations that have already been redeemed (#343)
  • feat: weekly / monthly report user preferences (#342)