Quick-test Improvements

These releases bring some under-the-hood improvements and fixes to quick-tests, alerting system, custom reports and user management.

API v1.30.0 Updates


  • Calculate percentile & top percentile for any quicktest executed (#690)


  • Skipping Twilio alert during Silent Hours generates error (#683)
  • Email validation errors might prevent user to sign up (#689)
  • Within a team, custom reports having same time period but different monitors are being overwritten (#697)


  • Delete associated invitations when User deletes profile (#698)
  • Free plan users should not be able to enable optional features (#699)


  • Updated composer packages (#695, #703)

API v1.30.1 Updates


  • Changed file name for send-test TwiML content to prevent conflicting reports (#714)
  • Channel-phonecall test alerts (#713)
  • Undefined variable: TwiMLFilePath issue displayed in the interface when user is trying to do a test alert for Phone Calls (#711)