Maintenance Release v1.35.1 v0.37.4

This is mainly addresses stability issues and includes media used in the Black Friday special campaign.

API v1.35.1 Updates


  • Promotional media support in the weekly/monthly newsletter and email recovery alert (#883)


  • Tests now using database transactions instead of migrations (#851)
  • Updated a few tests to not make calls to Stripe (#849)
  • Updated tests to stop on fail (#857)
  • Updated CI template to enable Renovate (#874)
  • Some of the tests no longer make external requests (#888)
  • Configured Renovate (#847)


  • Don't subscribe a user to our mailing list if they didn't confirm their email (#845)
  • Avoid Pro double-subscriptions by keeping a past-due subscription active (#854)
  • Fixed a few tests that were being skipped (#870)


  • Updated compose packages (#846, #860)

Admin v0.37.4 Updates


  • Dashboard black promo card for Black Friday special (#353)


  • Show message in the SMS Feature dialog when non-admin user wants to acquire SMS packages (#351)
  • Tried out Renovate, decided not to use it for now (#336)