Locations endpoint and sample monitor

Added a simpler way to list the IPs where we're checking the websites from, so our users can easily script in whitelisting or other network automations.

The always-up-to-date list of monitoring locations is, from now on, available at https://api1.monitive.com/locations.

A secondary improvement is the sample monitor. Whenever someone signs up for a new Monitive account, they get an empty dashboard, empty screens, as we've just started to gather data about their monitor's uptime.

No more.

From now on, whenever someone signs up, we're also including a sample monitor, just two months old, but enough to give an idea of what Monitive does and how it looks like when it does it.

API v1.34.1 Updates


  • Locations listing endpoint /locations (#817)
  • Sample data with new accounts (#735)


  • Monitor URL validation was not allowing query strings (#832)
  • Improved unit test suite (#840)


  • Updated composer packages (#820, #828, #833)

Admin v0.37.2


  • show correct UTC time in the availability charts (#335)


  • Updated node packages (#333)